I help you live the life you actually want.


There are many ways to improve your life. 

Living alongside your cycle is one of them.


Cycle syncing is the secret sauce for go-getters like you. Matching your daily habits to where you’re at in your monthly cycle puts you in the same mood Beyoncé must feel before transforming into Sasha Fierce. I want to set you up for success with this life-changing practice so you can run your world.



Learn how to use your monthly cycle to your advantage with my free Hormones 101 Class! In just one hour you'll learn the four phases of your cycle and how to make simple changes you can use today - from food, exercise, mindset & work - this class covers it all.

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Welcome, Bombshell!

I'm Laura Charelle, Founder of Balanced Bombshells

Let's kick your habits into high-gear when it comes to achieving a happier mood by trying something only ambitious women like you are willing to embrace: living alongside their cycle & tackling your gut health. 


Here at Balanced Bombshells, you can find the tools and resources you need to be more effective in your habits while aligning your life to your body's natural rhythm. We are a women's health coaching hub filled with life-hacks and "aha" moments that no one's talking about. 


And guess what - while you're here, we can help you address other hormonal health issues like bloating, acne, and PMS! Let's whip up one of my famous seafoam lattes and chat :)


At the end of the day, you're already working so hard to achieve your goals - I'm here to make sure it's easy for you.

Cycle Sync Your Life & Work

How can I help you today?

what your emotions are trying to tell yo
Lifestyle Plan

Want to get into cycle syncing?

First, we have to set you up with a strong mind and body foundation. This 8-week course includes everything you need to succeed, including food, fitness, work, and emotional health modules that will make everything oh-so-clear for you.

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PMDD Program

Does your mood suck?

Is your PMS leaving you feeling out of control? Is it negatively affecting your work and relationships? If you're ready to take control and feel more like yourself again, my PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) Program is perfect for you. This 6-week program will teach you how to strategically use food, fitness, and lifestyle to improve that week before your period.

Business Accelerator

Want to do what I do?

Love helping women and want to create a sustainable business so you can leave your day job? Then the Women’s Health Business Accelerator Program is right for you. I’ll take you behind-the-scenes of the industry, teach you my signature methods I use to help women get amazing results, and show you how to confidently launch your own women’s health brand.

Need more guidance on what is right for you? Take a look around.

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Love Notes from Balanced Bombshells

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"I take my personal health and wellness very seriously, so I was confused why I spent 17 years not feeling that great. Laura helped me heal my body in a matter of weeks through the power of food and lifestyle changes. I can even predict when a symptom may come up and avoid it. I regained control over my body!"

- Kim, Health Coach

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