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Balanced Bombshells provides high performance women's health coaching to boss babes striving to achieve their goals. We offer workshops, group programs and 1:1 coaching to teach women how to use hormones to optimize their food, fitness, work, and daily routine to reach their highest potential.

As the internal messages controlling your thoughts, mood, and energy levels, hormones are the driving force behind being at your best all month long. Through hormone balancing recipes, cycle based living, and education on seven key sets of hormones, we empower women to manage their lives better so they can look, feel, and perform at their best.


Built on the foundation to make women feel good about themselves, Balanced Bombshells offers a simplified approach on how to use hormones to benefit your active life.

xoxo, Laura Charelle

Balanced Bombshells was created for women who want answers to why their healthy eating and exercise routine aren't always effective. We teach you how to make positive changes in your life so you can avoid hormone symptoms like:
Acne & Skin Irritations

Acne & Skin Irritations

Bloating and weight gain

Bloating & Weight Gain

Hair loss and hair thinning

Hair Loss / Thinning




Anxiety and overwhelm

Anxiety & Overwhelm

Mood swings



Low sex drive and irritability

Low Sex Drive & Irritability

These imbalances stem from food and lifestyle factors, which means you are in control!

Meet Laura Charelle

I grew up knowing healthy eating and exercise were part of living a happy and successful life. It became the foundation of which I lived my life.


What I wasn’t prepared for was the emotional and physical upset I’d endure every month. From bloating and mood swings to acne, headaches, and menstrual cramps, I wasn't leading my life with the kind of energy and happy mood I wanted. For two weeks every month, I couldn't think or perform at my best.


I realized these symptoms weren't making me show up as my best self at work, in my relationships, and with my daily habits. They were holding me back from feeling confident and kept me feeling small.

Thinking of all I had accomplished even with these symptoms, I asked myself, "if you've come this far with all of these challenges, just imagine what you can accomplish without them".

This empowered me to learn seven sets of hormones that I've found to be crucial for women to feel happy and healthy. Most other hormone experts don't teach all of these hormones and I began using them for peak performance in my health, work, and relationships. Finding natural ways to balance my hormones, I was finally able to understand my body, challenge myself in new ways, and ditch the monthly drama for good - which means you can too!

Through nearly 10 years of research in women’s health and wellness, Balanced Bombshells was born in 2016 to share every little secret with you!

My mission is to educate other women passionate about personal development how to use their monthly cycle and hormones to their advantage. Hormones will stretch and challenge you beyond anything else you've encountered - but the results are so worth it! They truly are your secret weapon to everything you've ever wanted.


Through our downloadable guides, blog, and Lifestyle Plan, I hope you find a new approach to living your life well.


I'm learning from THE BEST! Hormonal imbalances, massive anxiety, and out of control emotions (I have PMDD) have ruined relationships for me in the past and finally I found someone who could help me address the root cause of the problem. I already feel 1M x better after cycle syncing my life this past month. Couldn't recommend the Balanced Bombshells Lifestyle Plan more highly. Laura has seriously changed my life.

Kim Heintz 2.png

Kim, Entrepreneur

I've always taken my personal health and wellness very seriously, doing my best to eat well, rest, and exercise. So I was confused why I spent 17 years not feeling that great. Laura helped me heal my body in a matter of weeks through the power of food and some lifestyle changes. I learned more on how my hormones fluctuate throughout the month. I can even predict when a symptom might come up, and now know how I can avoid it. It’s like I regained control over my body!

Karina Panzerella.png


Thank you so much for being the wake up call for me. I really needed to start seeing my period not as an enemy haha. Crazy to say that I know, but maybe one of the reasons why I wasn't paying attention to it was because I didn't want to actually know when it was coming. Even though my body and mood always know.

Create Community

Hormones have been a taboo topic - and they shouldn’t be!


Welcome your friends, family, and partner into your hormone balancing journey. You’ll feel more supported and every conversation breaks the barrier on a topic every man and woman should be talking about.


That’s why we’ve created a few things to give you support and encouragement from those closest to you.


Sign up for the Lifestyle Plan's Bestie Package with two of your best friends - online or in your local community - and balance your hormones together.


We encourage you to get together weekly and talk about what you’re learning. This is a great opportunity to taste test the delicious hormone balancing recipes and take turns bringing new kombucha flavors to try!


Download the Sync Your Boo Guide and open the conversation with your partner. He wants to know how to support you too!


Addressing your emotions is one of the keys to moving forward in your life. Any time you feel lost or stuck, come back to your Cycle Sync Guide & Journal Book.


Use the journal prompts to dive deeper into your emotions and witness exactly where they’re coming from. We want you to get comfortable shining light on your fears so they become less scary and easier to let go of. You have more important things to focus your attention on!

Jamie Headshot 2.jpg

Jamie, Writer & Teacher

Women today navigate so much more than past generations. It's a great time, but with handling our finances, career, relationships, health, and home, on top of kids (or future ones), it gets overwhelming. Laura gives you the confidence you need to find a healthy balance.

Caela 2.jpg

Caela, Marketing

I met Laura after a PMS breakdown. I didn’t know what was going on with my mood swings or hormones, but I was suffering not knowing how food was affecting my life. That one week per month has gone from miserable to manageable as I tune in and honour myself.

Jennifer, Success Coach

Laura is the whole package. Through her insatiable passion for becoming the healthiest, happiest version of herself, she has learned so many secrets, tools, and strategies that driven women truly need in order to achieve their biggest, wildest dreams. You will never be the same!

Inspire Others

Are you passionate about women’s health and want to teach it too?


It’s our belief more women need to understand how their hormones connect their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.


We’ve created many resources to help you make an impact in women’s health like the free Hormones 101 Class for Coaches and the Complete Guide to Create Your Brand.

There aren't many communities for women who teach women's health, so we created one!


If you're seeking more support on your business venture, you'll love joining the Women’s Health Passionistas Facebook group, our dynamic network of female entrepreneurs, coaches, bloggers and creatives in the health, wellness, and business industries.


Passionistas hail from a variety of backgrounds, work across a multitude of platforms and professions, and have their own unique voices and perspectives on everything related to women’s health.

Passionista members gain access to exclusive benefits and resources, and enjoy sharing ideas, inspiration, and support for one another in the community.


Through collaboration and teaching in each of our respective platforms, we have the power to change the world!

Ready To Dive Deeper?

If you would like more support on teaching women’s health and defining your brand, I work one on one with clients like you!


I’m passionate about helping holistic-minded entrepreneurs who want to teach health and wellness to women but feel overwhelmed by online marketing. I teach entrepreneurs who are new to business or looking to expand how to define their brand so they can communicate and sell more effectively online. 

I started Balanced Bombshells from scratch and can help you do the same. No investors or money from family members. Just an idea, sheer passion, and a deep desire to serve.


Unlike other marketing coaches who give casual guidance and leave you to fill in the gaps, I stick with you as we create, edit and refine your communication and branding.


It can be overwhelming and scary to start your own online business and I’m here to help you. To get started, schedule a free consultation here.

xoxo, Laura Charelle