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There needs to be more coaches who understand women's health and can teach it! That's why you're here.

If you're a holistic minded entrepreneur teaching women in health or wellness and feel overwhelmed with online marketing, you're in the right place! This is where you'll learn how to define your brand so you can communicate and sell more effectively online.

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Women are struggling.

Nearly 90% of women in their childbearing years deal with some form of PMS. A major sign of unbalanced hormones.

Her work struggles too.

According to a study by YouGov, 80% of working women say hormone symptoms impact their job.

Women are unique.

Our cycle includes four phases: menstrual, ovulation, follicular, and luteal. We think, feel, and act differently in each.

Your work matters.

Partner your passion with women's health to help your clients understand the hormone connection in her life.

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Sync Your Work

Learn how to match your cycle to your work habits! You'll know the best time for strategy, communication, reflection, and tackling your to-do list.

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Sync Their Life

Teach your clients how to sync their cycles and balance their hormones with the Sync Your Life Collection. From a recipe guide, journal book, work tips, and their boo, you've got them covered.

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Stay Updated

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"If you have a strong purpose in life, you don't have to be pushed. Your passion will drive you there."

Roy Bennett

Hormones 101 Class for Coaches

Our monthly cycle runs our thoughts, mood, energy levels, and we CAN use it to our advantage. This free course will teach you how to educate your audience on their monthly cycle, so you can help them get the best results possible. You'll also receive two bonus videos like how to find your niche in women's health! 

Connect & Grow Your Brand

Looking to connect with other holistic minded entrepreneurs passionate about women's health? Join the free Women's Health Passionistas Facebook Group, Balanced Bombshells dynamic network of female entrepreneurs and coaches. The group includes free trainings on hormones and online marketing, as well as networking opportunities.

Shianne Wright, Ohsowell

I found Laura scrolling through social media and was drawn to her light. As a future young women’s wellness extraordinaire, she helped me find the power and direction I needed to build my business. I've benefited greatly from the supportive, sunny warmth of her mentorship.

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Brittni Collen, Intuitive Success Mentor

I was rocking in my business and changing lives, but along the way I was forgetting about the importance of taking care of myself first. Laura made me see that my health and self-care is most important because "I am my business". Now I can use that to help others which in turn has taken both my life and business to the next level.


Megan, Clinical Psychologist Trainee

I wanted to help people understand how hormones impact our mental health. In order for me to do that, I needed to understand my own. Laura's Lifestyle Plan helped get my cycle back on track, my skin cleared, and I let go of bloat. I'm feeling great and learned so much!

Balanced Bombshells Lifestyle Plan

Uplevel your business by diving deeper into hormones. This 8-week online course covers seven sets of hormones and how they relate to a woman's food, fitness, work, mindset, and lifestyle choices. This course is an amazing resource for your personal health and professional development.

The Complete Guide to Create Your Brand

You're meant to change the world with your brand - don't get stuck playing small in business. Inside this guide, you'll learn four steps on how to build a brand you love and create the profitable online business of your dreams. You'll stand out and have the freedom you crave.

Ready to Dive Deeper?

If you would like more support on teaching women’s health and defining your brand, I work one on one with clients like you!


I’m passionate about helping holistic minded entrepreneurs who want to teach women's health but feel overwhelmed by online marketing. I teach new women's health coaches how to define their brand so they can communicate and sell more effectively online.


I started Balanced Bombshells from scratch and can help you do the same. No investors or money from family members. Just an idea, sheer passion, and a deep desire to serve.


Unlike other marketing coaches who give casual guidance and leave you to fill in the gaps, I stick with you as we create, edit and refine your communication and branding.


It can be overwhelming and scary to start your own online business and I’m here to help you. To get started, schedule a free consultation here.

xoxo, Laura Charelle

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