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You want to help women with annoying symptoms like bloating, acne, irritability, PMS, menstrual cramps, or fluctuating weight - because food & fitness alone aren't working for some of your clients.


Are a new health coach or looking to expand your offerings so you have an expertise most of your competitors don't.


You're dying to know how to help women build more lean muscle and keep their weight from fluctuating. They keep complaining of losing the same 5-10 lbs. every. single. month.


No matter what you do, nothing changes. You're overwhelmed with the amount of information out there and just want to know what works best for yourself & clients.


You're stuck on how to create and grow your online programs. With so much to do and focus on, you're overwhelmed on how to actually make money online and feel like nothing you do is converting into sales.


Have noticed most health coaching certifications don't cover women's health. Which you know is a disservice to women. You're ready to learn hormones so you can teach them & expand your business like crazy.


Want to help your clients stop craving salt, sugar, carbs, and/or bad for you foods before & during her period. It's seriously messing with her self esteem and she wants healthy habits she can stick to.


She's complaining of bloating during her period. Bloating after exercise. Bloating after a meal... You want to be able to help her fix all of this!

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Bombshell, I get you.

I decided to teach women about their hormones when I saw how much they greatly improved my life and how hard it was to find the information! I was also looking for a way to differentiate myself from other health coaches.

It's not just diet and exercise anymore, you gotta know hormones too. It gets tricky when you don't know what's off or what habits are driving your client's symptoms.

Hormones are still largely misunderstood so it's no wonder you haven't found the answers to you and your client's biggest problem areas. You may have noticed women's health is not covered in many health coaching certifications - which is seriously hurting women! I found myself leaving numerous doctors offices in tears because they disregarded my feelings and symptoms.

I didn't feel healthy, even though I ate extremely clean and worked out. PMS was ruining my life. Food cravings derailed my healthy eating. My hair started to fall out. Bloating and weight fluctuations made me want to work out in unhealthy amounts and I constantly felt like something was wrong with me - like many women today.


Just because hormone tests come back "normal" doesn't mean a woman's body is balanced. Western medicine looks at "disease range" numbers and you can still showcase these symptoms, just like I did. A woman's emotions and physical symptoms can actually help pinpoint where she needs to make changes in her lifestyle. Just imagine the programs you can create when you can solve women's toughest challenges! They'll be so grateful for your work, they'll talk about you nonstop to their friends and share your content on social media.

I'm here to help you.


There is no reason to figure all of this out on your own. I have spent nearly 10 years researching health and wellness, while making the hormone connection for you. I know how hard it is to find the answers to what women are looking for, especially since we're told if you eat well and exercise, you're good. Um... no. Our hormones don't work that way!

Besides, if you could figure this out on your own, don't you think you would have by now?


You're smart, capable, and accomplish anything you put your mind to. This stuff is not always easy, but it helps to know what you're doing. When I first got started, it took me 18 months to balance my hormones. 18 months! Even after doctors sent me home, I refused to believe things couldn't improve. I still can't believe when I get my period I experience little to no PMS or cramps, my energy is much higher and predictable, my weight stopped fluctuating, my relationship improved because I'm no longer picking fights or projecting my emotions, and I kid you not - bloating and acne went away! It's been amazing! Just imagine what is possible for you and your clients!

I created Balanced Bombshells to help women understand and fall in love with their hormones. Maybe you have been wanting to learn this stuff for yourself or you know you need to add women's health into your business because it's the only way to help women get the best results possible. I started teaching health coaches like you what hormones are all about and how to succeed in running an online business because so many were reaching out asking where I learned everything. I'm 100% self taught in women's health and am here to shorten your learning curve so you can be out there helping even more women!


I didn't have anyone to guide me on my journey, which is why I want to help kick A$$ women - like you - get the answers and help you're looking for. You should be setting yourself apart from your competition and are more than capable of running a successful online business. With my business background in marketing and communications, I'm here to help you learn hormones and how to apply them to your work. Most of my health coaching clients hire me because I understand the health and wellness industry.


Today, I help women feel (and see) a dramatic difference with their hormones in as little as 8-12 weeks! That's just 2-3 cycles! In hormone speak - THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!

By working together, I'll share everything I've learned about how hormones connect our food, fitness, and lifestyle habits to make us feel great or want to run and hide. There needs to be more women out there teaching this stuff and I want to see you succeed!

If you resonate with what you've been reading and are deeply passionate about helping women succeed, schedule a free strategy session now! We'll chat about your work and what you're looking to accomplish.

How do I work?



With coaching packages in 6, 12, or 24 virtual sessions, we'll find one that works best for you and your goals.

Business Review

I'll take a look at your website, offerings, and how you're communicating your services. We'll make sure you're talking to the right people, in the right way.



We'll talk once or twice a week and you'll have access to me via email whenever you have questions.


You'll choose the top areas you'd like your business to grow and I'll provide tailored instruction on how to use your areas of expertise to help as many women as possible.

What else do you get?

Fun Hormone Knowledge

You'll love learning about hormones - they're fascinating! With brief reading materials each week, you'll feel extremely excited for the new journey you're on.


I focus on seven sets of hormones that I've found to be crucial for a woman to feel happy and get the results she wants. You'll finally be able to make the hormone connection and see where your client's symptoms stem from.

Marketing Guides & Business Tools

You'll gain access to my marketing and branding guides to help health coaches like you position your services right - the first time.


You'll get crystal clear on what programs you want to offer and how to be selling them online.

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With so much to do and focus on, it's easy to become overwhelmed and no longer see how to run your business effectively. I'm here to help you see your strengths and get you working in your zone of genius.

No more stressing on what to do, how to make money, or why you're hearing crickets. Your work is meant to be seen and paid for!

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