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The top 5 things you need to balance your hormones to immediately feel happier, healthier & more confident

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  • how cycle syncing will help you balance your hormones

  • how to use cycle syncing to lose weight, increase your energy, get clear skin, and ditch the monthly cycle drama for good

  • how to differentiate between digestive and hormonal problems

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About Laura Charelle

Laura Charelle is a Women's Health & Wellness Strategist and the Founder of Balanced Bombshells®. After leaving numerous doctors' offices in tears and without answers, Laura sought a holistic approach to her health. Sparked by the desire to learn why good or bad things happened in her body, Laura has been studying hormones and how they relate to the female body for years. Today, she empowers women to use food, fitness, and their lifestyle to balance their hormones, so more women can feel healthier, more confident, and stress free.

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