REAL RESULTS: Fed Up to Fired Up

Feel Excited About Your Health Again

You eat well. You exercise. You do everything you can to be healthy.  And yet, you just KNOW things should be better.


You feel it every time your period is coming or while you’re having it. You notice it every time you start a new diet or fitness routine, hoping and wishing it will be the solution that finally makes you feel good. Only to see it works for everyone else but you, apparently.


You can feel it every morning when you got a full night’s sleep but don’t feel refreshed. You snap at your partner. You cancel on friends. You keep thinking about calling out of work. You’re fed up feeling discouraged and stressed out about trying to be healthy.


Before you throw your hands up and run to your secret candy stash (only for emergencies like these), I'm going to help you get fired up about your health again.

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Introducing Real Results: Fed Up to Fired Up Intensive

A 90-minute one-on-one intensive designed to help you gain clarity on how to make your healthy eating and exercise work for you again.


Real Results: Fed Up to Fired Up Intensive is designed for the woman who is fed up with trying so hard to be healthy and sick of not getting the results she desires - no matter how hard you try.

Our call will give you quick, actionable advise on how your hormones are holding you back from accomplishing your goals and exactly what you can start doing now to turn it around.

It’s ok to feel discouraged with your health. Sometimes what worked for awhile doesn’t last long term. You can hit a wall and feel stuck. That’s why I’m excited to get you fired up about your health again! It doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong or that your efforts aren’t good enough. You just need a little reset with a few minor tweaks.

Hi! I'm Laura.

I get feeling fed up with trying so hard to be healthy.  You see, I’m just like you. I get up every day motivated to eat well because it gives me energy. I’m excited to workout because it makes me feel good about myself. I love trying new fitness classes, inviting girlfriends, and seeing positive changes in my mind and body.


What I also get is looking in the mirror and genuinely feeling good about my body. Only to wake up (literally the next day) and see a completely different picture. I’d have the dreaded bloated pregnant belly with no baby in there!


My body use to be on this seesaw. Two weeks I’d feel and look great. Then the next two weeks my body changed right before my eyes. It started this negative self talk cycle, “I just need to work out MORE” I thought. “Or eat less”.


This went on for years until I finally started learning my hormones. I didn’t know some of my healthy habits were causing my body stress without realizing it. The symptoms were my body communicating with me, I just didn’t know what it meant. Or how to fix it.


That's what I want to help you do. Get to the root cause and understand what habits are standing in the way of your success.  You don't need to do more than you already are.


In Real Results: Fed Up to Fired up, we’ll chat by phone or Zoom video for 90 minutes. We’ll spend the first 10 minutes getting to know each other, while you share what you’re most struggling with. I’ll take some notes and ask follow up questions.


We’ll spend the rest of the time working backwards on your daily habits, your schedule, the food you’re eating, and what your workout routine is like. By the end of the call I will be able to give you actionable steps to quickly course correct your most annoying symptoms. You’ll go from feeling fed up to fired up!

So what's included?

You'll receive one 90-minute phone call with me. We'll get clear on what habits are getting in the way of your results.

A simple action plan. You'll leave our call with clear action steps on how to move forward.

PLUS A Must Have Bonus Session!

As a bonus, you’ll receive a 30-minute follow up call, scheduled one week after our intensive. You'll have time to implement what we discussed. Then we'll check in and you'll have time to ask follow up questions.

Your Investment

The investment for Real Results: Fed Up to Fired Up Intensive is a one time payment of $197*

*Only 10 spots available.

Frequently Asked Questions for

Real Results: Fed Up to Fired Up Intensive

How will we have our calls?

I really want you to feel comfortable. If you feel more comfortable chatting by phone, we’ll do that. Or if you like face to face, we’ll jump in a Zoom meeting and it’ll be like I”m right there with you!


How will you know what I’m struggling with?

I taught myself how to understand hormones based on your physical symptoms and how you’re feeling emotionally. When you share what you’re struggling with and what your day to day life is like, I’ll be able to make connections from there.


I’ve never done something like this before. Will you really help me solve my problem?

Trying something new is scary. I want to make this experience as easy and as comfortable for you as possible. Hormones are what I do and my zone of genius. I will be able to provide actionable advise for you to try. This is a coaching call and I am not a nutritionist or fitness trainer, so I can only suggest things for you based on my knowledge and extensive research in women's health. I don’t live with you so I can’t make you do something each day. You will have to come motivated to make a change in your life. I'm simply here as your guide and to provide information on your hormones.


Is there a time limit to when I need to schedule my call?

Yes! Your call needs to be scheduled within 14 days of purchase.


What if I need to reschedule?

I clear my calendar for our call so by rescheduling you take time away from someone else who needs it. If you really do need to reschedule, you must do so with at least 24 hours notice and you only receive one opportunity to do so. After one reschedule I will not be able to honor our call.


Do you provide refunds?

I will only provide a refund if you reschedule once and can’t book another call from there. Otherwise, no refunds will be given.