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Need more pep in your step? Living along your monthly cycle is your little secret to success 😊 It's how women today tackle our to-do list with ease and achieve our "I have it all" dreams. By the end of the day you'll still be in your zenned out state and buzzing off your high vibes. *Cocktail optional*

Learn how to use your monthly cycle to your advantage with our FREE Hormones 101 Class! In just one hour you'll learn how to make simple changes you can use today - from food, exercise, mindset & work, this class covers it all.

Welcome, Bombshell!

I'm Laura Charelle

A hormone obsessed, smoothie sippin', & adventure loving wife and dog mom based in San Diego, California. I help fellow ambitious women optimize food, fitness, work, and relationships to achieve their biggest dreams. Together, we're committing to listen to our intuition and ditch burnt out one conscious decision at a time.


Balanced Bombshells was created for high performing women who want answers to why their healthy habits don't always make them feel energized or confident when they look in the mirror. I'll teach you simple changes you can make to avoid hormone symptoms like:

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These symptoms stem from food and lifestyle habits, which means we are in control!

Built on the foundation to make women feel good about themselves, Balanced Bombshells offers a simplified approach on how to use hormones to benefit your active life. Through hormone balancing recipes, cycle based living, and education on seven key sets of hormones, I'll empower you to look, feel, and perform at your best.


Cycle Sync Guide & Journal Book

In this ebook, you'll learn your predictable thought and energy patterns during each of your four cycle phases. You become more powerful and creative when you're in tune with your cycle. Discover what makes you tick along with my top food & fitness tips that will help balance your hormones all month long.

What do you want to explore?

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Want to learn 7 sets of hormones crucial for a woman's happy & healthy life?

Balanced Bombshells Lifestyle Plan

Hormones aren't a quick fix - they're a necessary part of your lifestyle. Inside the Plan, you'll learn scientific research on seven sets of hormones that will up-level your mind, body, and spirit so you can take your life to the next level. This 7-part program will inspire you to know which simple habits work for your unique body chemistry.


Balanced Bombshells isn't about health "advice".

It's about figuring out exactly what is working in your life and what isn't, from relationships and comfort foods to your job and workouts. It comes down to proven strategies that work for a woman's body. Our lives change when we're brave enough to honor what truly makes us happy and show up as our most perfectly, imperfect selves.

Love Notes from Balanced Bombshells

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"I take my personal health and wellness very seriously, so I was confused why I spent 17 years not feeling that great. Laura helped me heal my body in a matter of weeks through the power of food and lifestyle changes. I can even predict when a symptom may come up and avoid it. I regained control over my body!"

- Kim, Health Coach


Happy Gut Health

Your hormies are made in your stomach. Protect your gut health by eating these two types of foods scientifically proven to improve your mood and lower inflammation. Includes a grocery list!

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