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Hormones 101

The most sought after hormones class! In just one hour gain an overview of your cycle you've never experienced before.

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Sync Your Cycle

My four cycle phase cheat sheets to feel better in just 30 days. Plus a journal book to understand your thoughts week by week.


Achieve Balance

Balance your hormones in eight weeks! From food, fitness, beauty, and self care hacks, you'll achieve hormone balance in no time.

"The Cycle Sync Guide was exactly what I needed to support each phase! Kinda nerded out and made a table and program for myself! Now I'm excited to learn when my body begins and ends each cycle phase."

- Cassandra

"I wrote my cycle phases on the calendar for what my mind/body experienced in the month, then made notes for a month on how I felt. Then I went back to your Cycle Sync guide. Lo and behold, they matched!! I was pleasantly surprised. I'm following the food tips next to start balancing!"


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