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You're a Stressed High Achiever
You feel really frustrated before your period and so overwhelmed you find yourself snapping at loved ones. You feel weepy where all you want to do is ditch work and hide under your covers.

Sometimes you feel this inner rage that scares you. It comes so out of the blue that you don’t know how to really deal and you feel lost on what can help.


You are passionate, driven and succeed at anything you put your mind to. However, you often find yourself pushing yourself too hard and feel exhausted by your to-do list. You have many goals you want to achieve, but you have yet to master the balance between taking care of yourself while pursuing your dreams. 


You’re relentless in the pursuit of greatness and you’d love to find an approach where you feel supported, more emotionally balanced, and happier. You often make a moody mess of things the week before your period and you’re struggling.


You don’t often ask for help because you are always the one who has her stuff together. You don't want to be a burden, but you're left feeling unsupported. This can cause you to project these feelings of resentment on to those you love, which is not who you want to be.


You’ve tried figuring out how to find balance on your own, but with so many people and projects demanding your time and energy, nothing sticks. It often feels like you can’t think straight, especially before your period.


Your emotions are a powerful tool here and are meant to motivate you to seek balance. If you can learn the art of letting go, trusting yourself, and leaning on others, you can start to heal your mood & body so you feel amazing before your period.

Hey there!

I'm Laura Presnall

I'm so glad you're here! Please pull up a seat, pour yourself a hot matcha latte and let's get into it.


I started Balanced Bombshells in 2016 after I successfully healed PMDD, a more intense version of PMS. It left me feeling moody, unmotivated, and stressed out, and I felt my life could be better.


With over 10 years of research in women's health, I wanted to share everything that worked for me - with you. I felt so lost and I wanted to make your journey easier.

My passion is teaching health conscious women, like you, how to feel happier at home and at work with the science of hormones and the heart of a woman who has been there.


Cycle syncing and hormonal health changed my life and I hope it does the same for you!

How to find balance as a Stressed High Achiever

When your mood and symptoms are as extreme as you’ve been feeling, it can mean that your cortisol (one of your stress hormones), gut health (where your happy hormones are made and are sent to your brain), and the balance between your sex hormones (the ones that run your cycle) need some work.


Your PMS personality does needs extra time to correct and more TLC than the other types.


But don’t worry, you’re not alone, this was my PMS personality too! And I’m excited to share with you three steps you need to tackle that will give you the results you want.

Step 1: Lower Cortisol

Reducing this stress hormone will make you feel much calmer before your period. You’re coming in hot and we need to tone it down. Too much cortisol makes you feel more stressed than you actually are, creates a lack of focus, and gives you all kinds of mood swings.

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Curated Resources for Your Gut

Step 2: Improve Gut Health

Your feel good hormones are made in your stomach and carry those happy vibes to your brain, making you feel happier and much more content before your period.


Unidentified food sensitivities, increased inflammation and unbalanced hormones can make it harder to maintain good gut health - creating more PMS & period problems.

Step 3: Balance Your Cycle Hormones

An imbalance between estrogen and progesterone is one of the main culprits to PMS and your mood swings.


It creates an emotional roller coaster when these sister hormones are not living in harmony. And why you keep feeling good for 2 weeks after your period, then feel terrible for 2 weeks - before and during your period.

Balancing these two hormones along with lowering cortisol and improving your gut health is your secret protocol to feel amazing all cycle long!

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