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You're a Peaceful Light Worker
There's a special place in the world for women like you! You're one of the few lucky women who don't notice many (if any) changes to your mental and physical state before your period. Nearly 90% of women deal with some form of PMS so you should be teaching us your ways!

You are passionate about your health and geek out over the latest health and wellness hacks. You love learning about your body and remember most of what you read when it comes to the science of your body, food, fitness, self care - all the things.


When something doesn't feel quite right, you sit with your intuition before reacting. You trust your inner voice and allow it to guide you in your decision making.


Not many people are like this and it makes you very special. Your efforts with your health have aligned your body so well that you don’t struggle like your girlfriends or other women you follow online.


You’re already a master with your health and mindset, and as a Peaceful Light Worker you've often thought about how you can change other people's lives. You might already be in this line of work or you've been thinking of how this could be a new career path for you. 


You love eating well, exercising, and indulging in self care that sparks joy. You’re committed to sharing these high vibes with those around you and our world needs more of your love and light.


Your PMS personality type doesn't need much (if any) work, so you just want to continue optimizing your health.

Hey there!

I'm Laura Presnall

I'm so glad you're here! Pull up a seat, help yourself to a hot matcha latte and let's get into it.


I started Balanced Bombshells in 2016 after I successfully healed PMDD, a more intense version of PMS. It left me feeling moody, unmotivated, and stressed out, and I felt my life could be better.


With over 10 years of research in women's health, I wanted to share everything that worked for me - with you. I felt so lost and I wanted to make your journey easier.

My passion is teaching health conscious women, like you, how to feel happier at home and at work with the science of hormones and the heart of a woman who has been there.


Cycle syncing and hormonal health changed my life and I hope it does the same for you!

How to maximize your health as a Peaceful Light Worker

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!


You've already built a beautiful foundation to your mental and physical health. You were born to take the positivity you have cultivated within yourself and shine your light to raise the vibration in others.


First, you'll start cycle syncing if you aren't already doing this. It's a fantastic tool to align your mind, body and spirt to your biggest, wildest dreams! Then you'll layer on with some hot health trends to amplify your vibes even more.

The guidance you can provide to other women is in high demand. We need more women like you teaching hormonal health. If you've ever thought of creating a business or side hustle around your passion for health and wellness - now is the time to get started. I share some resources if this experience has your creative juices flowing!


I’m excited to share three steps you need to become the happiest, most peaceful light worker!

Step 1: Start Cycle Syncing

Cycle syncing is a natural way to find more balance with your mind and body by aligning your food, fitness, work and self care habits to your monthly cycle. You'll love this tool to further align your beautiful spirit with your dream life. It does wonders for your mood, energy and stress levels before, during & after your period.

top 5 wellness trends to keep for 2020.png
Step 2: Uplevel with Health Hacks

Curated Resources for Health Hacks

Gone are the days where you just eat well and exercise. A woman's body - in today's hectic modern life - needs tailored strategies that work just for her. Our bodies are unique and I've rounded up my favorite health hacks to help you amplify your vibe even more!

As you lean more into cycle syncing, you may notice some areas in your mental and physical health that needs a little extra TLC. Make sure to take notes so you can share these tips with others!

Step 3: Share Your Light

You are passionate and gifted in the area of health and wellness. Maybe you've been thinking of starting your own business to teach women's health or use it as a side hustle. 

If you've had this dream firmly planted in your heart - I want to help you get out there! Teachers, coaches, content creators and entrepreneurs in women's health are so needed. 

Take these resources and fly!

You've got mail!

Check your inbox for a special note from me containing juicy details on how to use the magic of your premenstrual week to become a sought after leader in women's health!
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