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You're a Reserved, Moody Maven
You're feelin' fly and then the week before your period you notice a shift. You're more reserved, a bit snippy, and you overanalyze yourself and others. 

Your usual sunshiney self feels subdued and you can’t help but pick yourself apart, which makes you feel less in control of your mood.


You try not to share this with loved ones because you don’t want to be a burden. You're a positive person, but have noticed the week before your period you have a hard time feeling as happy. You don’t feel 100% like yourself and your loved ones do notice, even if you don’t say anything.


You love to eat well and take care of yourself, and have been working on more self care. But something still feels like it’s not clicking right, which is frustrating. With so much information out there, it’s hard to tell what is right for you!


How you feel before your period is powerful information. Your emotions this week show what is most important to you. Embrace the wave of emotions and take time to journal your deepest thoughts. They’ll provide important insight that will help give you the clarity you need. You can use these a-ha moments to your advantage to redirect your efforts in the months ahead.


With the right tools in place, you'll be feeling better in no time! As a Reserved, Moody Maven, this PMS personality type only needs a few tweaks to feel amazing before your period.

Hey there!

I'm Laura Presnall

I'm so glad you're here! Pull up a seat, help yourself to a hot matcha latte and let's get into it.


I started Balanced Bombshells in 2016 after I successfully healed PMDD, a more intense version of PMS. It left me feeling moody, unmotivated, and stressed out, and I felt my life could be better.


With over 10 years of research in women's health, I wanted to share everything that worked for me - with you. I felt so lost and I wanted to make your journey easier.

My passion is teaching health conscious women, like you, how to feel happier at home and at work with the science of hormones and the heart of a woman who has been there.


Cycle syncing and hormonal health changed my life and I hope it does the same for you!

How to find balance as a Reserved Moody Maven

To get started, cycle syncing is a great tool for you! This practice aligns your daily habits to your monthly cycle so you can balance the right hormones. 


The week before your period (also known as your luteal phase) needs a little extra TLC right now. By focusing more energy here, you’ll be able to smooth out your cycle even more.


Next, you'll want to focus on optimizing your ovulation phase. This will clear out any excess estrogen you have when you ovulate and will make the week before your period more balanced. Excess estrogen can make you feel more stimulated and anxious in your premenstrual week!


I’m excited to share with you three steps you need to tackle that will give you the results you want.

Step 1: Start Cycle Syncing

Cycle syncing is a natural way to find more balance with your mind and body by aligning your food, fitness, work and self care habits to your monthly cycle. It’ll smooth out your hormones and is a wonderful tool to improve your mood, energy and stress levels before, during & after your period.

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Curated Resources for Luteal Phase

Step 2: Target Your Luteal Phase

The week before your period needs a little extra TLC right now. By focusing more energy on your luteal phase, you’ll be able to reduce or completely eliminate your symptoms.

If you can lower inflammation, stress, and balance your cycle hormones, the week before your period goes from stressful to super calm & relaxed! Progesterone is higher in this phase and is actually meant to keep you feeling chill before your period.

Step 3: Optimize Ovulation

To have a happy cycle, each cycle phase builds on top of the next. It's like compounding interest for your health.


While you balance your luteal phase (the 10-14 days before your period starts), you must also work on optimizing your ovulation phase (the week before PMS sets in).


Not feeling so hot before your period means your ovulation phase needs more love in order to feel better.

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