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10 of the Best Products to Balance Your Monthly Cycle

With so many products and new ones hitting the market that advertise support for our menstrual health, it can be hard to know which ones work and what you actually need.

I've rounded up my top 10 favorites to help you find the right balance!

Top 10 Products to Balance Your Monthly Cycle

Magnesium is extremely helpful for soothing your adrenal glands, along with feeling calmer and more relaxed during your monthly cycle. It's great for helping promote better sleep, relaxing tight muscles, calming your mood and lowering cortisol, a stress hormone that causes more anxiety and weight gain.

I like the Calm brand because it's easy to take at night before bed and can help with any constipation you might feel during parts of your cycle with varying hormone levels.


Herbs are extremely powerful when balancing your hormones and I have loved using them for so many different things! Elix Cycle Balance is a daily tincture you use to help regulate your period, and reduce common hormone symptoms like bloating, migraines, heavy bleeding, mood swings, fatigue and feeling anxious or stressed.

It's best to buy as a pack of three as it can take a few cycles to really notice a difference (this is very normal when you're balancing your hormones). You can also take a health assessment on their website to see which products would be best for you, which is so helpful when there are so many great options!

Their herbal blends are not advised during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Save 15% off your order with my code BOMBSHELLS15


3. At-Home Hormone Testing with LetsGetChecked

My favorite at-home hormone tests when you're balancing your hormones are tests for your thyroid, a female hormone panel, cortisol and progesterone.

You can order test kits from LetsGetChecked and have them delivered right to your home (you can read about my experience here and here). It's an easy way to get insight quickly and help prepare you for any conversations you may need with your doctor. You can also schedule a consultation to go over your results.

They have labs for your thyroid, vitamin levels, female hormone panel, progesterone, and just released a PCOS test! Explore tests here & save 20% off your labs with my code BOMBSHELL

As a LetsGetChecked affiliate, Balanced Bombshells, LLC may receive compensation from LetsGetChecked if you purchase products or services through the links provided, at no additional cost to you.


4. Seed Cycling Packs from Funk It Wellness

Seeds are packed with vitamins and minerals you need for a happy cycle. You can also use them to help support your hormone balance!

From adding to your smoothies or making homemade energy balls, you can easily add seeds to your cycle using prepackaged and ground seeds from Funk It Wellness.

In the first half of your cycle you use 1 tbsp. each of ground flaxseed and pumpkin seeds. Then after ovulation through the second half of your cycle you use 1 tbsp. of sesame and sunflower seeds. Each are designed to support a natural balance between your estrogen and progesterone hormones, which will improve ovulation and reduce PMS/period symptoms.

My favorite way to use seed cycling is adding them into my morning smoothie! Preground and prepackaged seeds from Funk It Wellness makes it easy to implement and store in the fridge each month.

Save 15% off Funk It Wellness seed cycling packs with my code BOMBSHELLS


This is my new favorite night time lotion! You don't need much, but rubbing some on your feet, legs, and anywhere your muscles feel tight will help relax you for a deep sleep.

There is magnesium in this lotion so using it before bedtime is best.

Getting a good night sleep is crucial for your adrenal glands and hormone balance as you need to sleep in order to effectively process out excess cortisol. Without it, you'll continue to feel tired, wired, and more stressed out. Lowering your cortisol levels helps tremendously in balancing your cycle over all.

**if you suspect you might have adrenal fatigue (when you're overproducing stress hormones, have stubborn belly fat, and aren't sleeping well), you'll love this post.


6. Moon Balance Superfood Powder

I love a good herb blend :) This Moon Balance Superfood Powder is made with beet powder, hibiscus, shatarvi, maca and more! It helps cleanse your liver, promote more blood flow to your uterus (this aids in smoothing your symptoms and menstrual cramps), lowers inflammation, all while supporting good energy levels.

I swear it helped us get pregnant the second time and I'm looking forward to using it again after baby #2 arrives. It helps with so many avenues of hormone balance and gently supports your cycle all month long.

My favorite way to drink it is by mixing it with water and adding fresh squeezed lemon.


7. Period Repair Manual

If you love learning about your hormonal health like I do and want to dive deeper into various ailments you're experiencing, one of my favorite books for our cycle is Period Repair Manual by Dr. Lara Biden.

She's a naturopath doctor based out of New Zealand and provides actionable and helpful guidance to your symptoms!


8. Ultimate Cycle Sync Bundle

Knowing what to do and how to shift your habits based off your cycle phases can get confusing. In my Ultimate Cycle Sync Bundle, you'll receive four cheat sheets that help you learn your cycle phases, along with my top recommendations for food, fitness, self care and supporting your productivity in each phase.

The Bundle also comes with my Ultimate Cycle Tracker, grocery lists by cycle phase, video tutorials and more!


9. Schisandra Powder

Give your liver some love and help your body naturally detox excess hormones using schisandra powder! I love adding some to a smoothie, and if you struggle with more bloating, water retention and constipation, this is a powder you'll love (not recommended during pregnancy or nursing).

By supporting your liver, you naturally help balance your cycle overall as it works hard as our detox organ. It helps sweeps hormones and toxins out of your body more effectively.


10. Mood Boost Powder by Love Sweat Fitness

From reducing stress and naturally boosting your mood, I'm loving this creamy Mood Boost Powder by Love Sweat Fitness. It helps promote feelings of calm, a more positive mood and more mental focus to tackle your day. All three of these benefits support a happy cycle.


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