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10 Ovulation Phase Date Ideas that Will Bring You Closer Together

Ok, ovulation hits and you find yourself feeling kind of frisky? Or you know that surge of energy is coming and you want to make the most of your ovulation phase - having new date ideas is a must.

Mother Nature designed your body to feel more energetic and extroverted during ovulation.

It's the time of month where you can get pregnant (so if you're trying - get after it!).

To be able to carry on the human race, Mother Nature wants you to feel social so you're more likely to want to go out and find a partner. If you find you don't feel energetic during this phase or get symptoms like bloating, brain fog, and acne breakouts, becoming a member of the Balanced Bombshells Lifestyle Plan can help!

Even if you're not trying to conceive, you can still take advantage of this lovey dovey energy surge every month. If you're single and ready to mingle, you can use these as fun new date ideas instead of always grabbing drinks or dinner. If you're coupled up, you can preschedule these dates on your man's calendar so he has something to look forward to.

Here are 10 ovulation phase date ideas that will bring you closer together:

1. Take dance lessons

There's nothing like being swept up in a cute man's arms that will make your heart swoon - at a wedding, a night club, or even just your living room. Check out a new style of dance at a local studio and sign up for a few lessons. It'll be a great bonding experience.

2. Reenact your first date

What did you do on your first date? Go and do it! Even if you're not in the area of where you first met, you can still recreate it wherever you are. You'll both be flushed with how nervous you were and you'll instantly feel that spark.

3. Have a picnic under the stars

Pack his favorite light dinner and head out for a picnic under the stars. If winter has you feeling stuck, you can still do this in your living room. Just put some blankets on the floor and light some candles!

4. Search Groupon for new and interesting ideas in your local area

Groupon has many local deals that can inspire you to try something new. Maybe it's taking a pottery class together, trying a new restaurant, or renting bikes for an afternoon. There are so many options!

5. Head out for a sunset hike

Nothing spells out romance like a hike at sunset. You get to workout together, which will get your endorphins flowing, and take time away from your hectic lives. At the top of your hike, share something you love about each other.

6. Grab tickets to see a live band

How often do you go see local shows and new bands? Listening to music together and sharing a new experience is always fun!

7. Drive down memory lane

Hop in the car and drive around town to revisit the spots that mean so much to you as a couple. Maybe where you had your first date, met for a walk, had an impromptu lunch, where he asked you to marry him, or the moment you both knew you were in love. This will rekindle any lost spark and remind you of all the fun memories you've shared.

8. Indulge in dessert

Forget dinner. Go out and just order dessert! Chocolate lava cake. Strawberry shortcake. Ice cream date.

You could even hang at a local bakery that sells small bites and do your own mini taste testing!

9. Try a new fitness class together

Maybe he's never tried yoga and you've been begging him to go. Or he's been wanting you to go to his bootcamp, but you haven't committed. Trying a new workout together and sharing in one another's interest will go a long way in your relationship. You don't have to do each other's thing all the time, but once in awhile will liven up your bond!

10. Mad Lib at home

Buy a Mad Lib book or create some on your computer and take turns filling them out. These will definitely bring out your silly sides. If you create your own, you could create some about your relationship, courtship, or future together. If you're newly dating, it could be a fun way to get to know each other if you fill it in with pieces of who you are.

Pair this date with a bottle of wine and cooking a new recipe together.

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