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4 Hormones I'm Targeting to Find Balance as a New Mom

Sharing a little behind-the-scenes on how I use hormonal health to achieve goals 🙌⁠

I'm all about using the science of our body to our advantage. When most people tackle their health goals, they run to the latest fad diet or fitness craze thinking “well, if it worked for them, it has to work for me!” (we've all been there)⁠.⁠

The thing is, most of us don’t stick to these kinds of things or we realize they don’t work for our lifestyles or our body chemistries, leaving us lost and without answers.⁠

My newest health goal is to “bounce back” after baby!

I've been so excited to tailor my approach for this, as my body has changed and I've been figuring out how to get long lasting results. To achieve this, I’m focusing on four hormones to find and maintain balance:⁠

1. INSULIN (our fat-storing hormone)

To make this really work for you, you must also understand your genetics and metabolism (I teach this in all my programs). I started hacking this hormone far before getting pregnant and had to tailor my efforts again throughout pregnancy. It's done wonders postpartum as I fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans 10 days after having Dylan.⁠

2. CORTISOL (one of our stress hormones)

Because I'm in the newborn phase, sleep is harder so I'm doing my best to manipulate this hormone with food and exercise. I set up my carbs throughout the day to also go with my circadian rhythm, which controls cortisol production, as well as focus on calmer exercise like yoga and walking.⁠

You can learn how to do this too in my Lifestyle Plan or PMDD Program.

3. PROLACTIN (released while breastfeeding)

With breastfeeding, you are either genetically set up to burn fat or store it. Which is why you'll see some women lose weight while others can't until AFTER they stop. Thankfully I'm genetically set up to burn fat while breastfeeding/pumping so this has helped me lose some of the baby weight.⁠

4. OXYTOCIN (our bonding hormone)

Oxytocin is released with feeding and cuddling your baby. It helps you bond with your child and improves our mental and emotional health postpartum.⁠

As I soak up baby cuddles, I've been following my personal bounceback plan, which includes these 4 hormones! Which ones would you want to target??


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