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5 Adorable & On Trend Athleisure Brands to Checkout for 2022

2022 is around the corner and you gotta look like a Bombshell in your workout gear! Whether you're into running, spin, lifting weights, walking, yoga or are a barre lover like me, we're more motivated to exercise when we're wearing clothes we feel good in.

It's a bonus when you get to also wear the look while grabbing coffee or running errands.

I've been on the hunt for some new athleisure fashion brands and wanted to be more mindful of the companies I invest my money in.

I want to support brands that are representing women of all shapes and sizes, doing what they can for the environment (fast fashion is becoming a huge issue), while also wearing something that makes me feel good.

From style, fit, mobility and seeing if the brand is also sharing content on body positivity and representing women of all backgrounds, these are my five favorites to watch (most are having end of year sales too!):

1.Lorna Jane

Back in 2019, I held a cycle syncing workshop at the Lorna Jane location in La Jolla. I loved shopping their fitness apparel afterwards! Their styles are beautiful and I love the brands alignment with additional products for our wellness needs, including our motivation and planning.

They're also doing their part in creating a sustainability component and emphasizing not buying more, but investing in good quality, which a wonderful shopping philosophy.

Here are some pieces I love:


2. Girlfriend Collective

I'm loving the ecofriendly brand Girlfriend Collective. It's a great brand to support that has your basics covered. They even have these adorable "slow down" socks to remind us to remain in the present moment. That's a vibe we all need!

One of their initiatives is for you to send your old Girlfriend pieces back to them to get recycled and they'll give you a $15 site credit. Hopefully more companies will get on with this trend and we'll find less clothes piling up landfills.

Here are some pieces I love:


3. Alo Yoga

We always need new yoga pants.

Alo Yoga is trending on color, fit and style. They're also 100% sweatshop free, eco-aware, and has a nonprofit called Alo Gives that mindful movement videos to schoolkids.

Here are some pieces I love:


4. Carbon38

Female founded, Carbon38 brings together leading fitness brands in one shop.

Here are some pieces I love:


5. Manduka

Manduka is the place to get your zen on. Tailored for yoga, the brand also offers free online yoga classes and provides many self care tips. They also care about the environment in their core values by creating sustainable products and remaining conscious on waste.

Here are some pieces I love:


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