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5 Amazing Crystals Every Woman Should Know About

crystals for women's health
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Sam from A Happy Mind is taking over the blog! You might remind her from our Bombshell Diaries. Today, she's sharing her passion and knowledge on all things crystals - why we need them, which ones to get started with, and the special energy each one can bring into your life. Crystals each carry their own energy and healing properties, and I'm so excited for Sam to share!


Over the last few years I've discovered crystals and learnt soooo much about them and I am super excited to share my findings with you here! Everything I share with you here is from my own experience and I am super passionate about getting more women involved in crystals and natural ways to welcome more goodness into their lives.

Why do I like crystals?

They are pretty for starters! Every crystal is brought into our life at the right time and to serve and support us when we need it most. Each crystal has its own unique qualities and can help you in its own unique way.

Which crystals are good for healing and forgiveness?

I struggled a lot with forgiveness and feeling the burden of things that had happened in the past. Healing and forgiving made such a difference for me and seriously do make us all feel lighter and ready for new greatness to come into your life.

We can all spend time healing and focusing on releasing feelings that don’t make us feel good and amethyst is incredible for this. This crystal is all about healing. Illness, sickness, body pain, mental struggles, pain and forgiveness – all of it.

Healing and anything releasing or forgiving, you need amethyst. I keep mine in my purse, so it’s with me everywhere, and a bigger one in my office, so that whenever I am working or focusing on growth, I also never forget to release any thoughts or burdens that don’t serve me.

Which crystals protect you from negative energy and being around technology?

This crystal lives by my Mac and in my office. If you are feeling like you need protection and a bit of grounding, this crystal is just what you need.

Tormaline (black in colour) is a protective stone and one that aims to protect you from the constant energy we get from technology, our phones, music, computers, all of it. When you feel like you have had a long day at your desk or been stuck in your office for long stints, having this crystal around stops this energy from being absorbed so much by you.

Keep this crystal at your desk, in your office, by your devices and anywhere you spend time around lots of technology.

Which crystals help attract goodness and abundance into your life?

For the first year with crystals, citrine was my absolute favourite! Probably because it's also yellow! This crystal is all about abundance, success, bringing and welcoming in money and goodness.

You can leave this under your pillow at night (sometimes, not every night as it is powerful,) in your pocket, your purse – a place that you can reach for it often and stop the lack mentality or doubts you may have.

This crystal focuses on strength and abundance and is a crystal to be used when you need that extra boost!

Which crystals help clear your mind and give you clarity?

Blue calcite. This crystals lives on my bedside table and stays there every night! Blue calcite is gentle so doesn’t overpower other crystals or your energy but does allow you to focus on clearing your mind, clarity of thought and allows you to think and speak the right things into your life.

Leave this crystal somewhere you go often and just allow it to work its magic!

What are my ultimate crystals to welcome in calm and goodness?

Clear quartz – in fact any quartz crystal!

Clear quartz promotes calming energy and clearing your thoughts of negativity.

Rose quartz enhances love and everything around love - self care, love for others, love with others, love for yourself. Get these two crystals if you get no others. Start with these two, and just hold them, touch them, have them near you as often as you can.

There you have it! The five best crystals to help you get started and bring more ease, abundance, and joy into your life.


Sam is the founder of A Happy Mind and is an Anxiety & Business Coach located in the United Kingdom. She helps entrepreneurs become more visible online and create a business they're happy with, not anxious about. Follow her on Instagram and make sure to sign up for her Sunshine Moments, where you get a weekly dose of sunshine every Monday in your inbox!


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