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5 Things Your Man Needs to Know About You

When you're cycle syncing, there are five things your man needs to know about you each week. Your needs will change during each cycle phase. So will your thoughts and feelings.

Because women live on a monthly cycle and men live on a daily cycle, it can be hard for either side to know what the other needs. In this post I'm helping your man crack the female code by sharing five things he needs to know about you each week.

Tyler is synced to my cycle. Yup, it's a thing! And you can do it too.

What I mean by "syncing" my husband to my cycle, is I tell him how I'm going to think and feel during that cycle phase, while asking him for help. This way he knows exactly how to show up for me each week. No more guesswork. No more silly fights over nothing. Just good ol' clear communication.

This process didn't happen over night.

It might take a few cycles for you and your partner to get the hang of it. In order for this process to work, YOU will have to know how you're going to be feeling. That's when you can welcome HIM into the conversation.

That's why I created our free Sync Your Boo guide to help you start weekly cycle talks with him.

The Sync Your Boo guide also provides a printable grid on each of your four cycle phases. This is made specifically for your man (edited by my husband!). He'll feel good knowing how he can support you.

Opening up to how you're going to think and feel each week will dramatically changed your relationship. It certainly did for us! Ask any woman who struggles with PMS or gets irritable during her period and she'll tell you how hard it is to maintain your relationship over the long haul.⁠


1. Sexy time

What you want and need for your intimacy needs will change as your hormones shift.

2. Your feels

Are you going to feel reflective, social, focused, or strategic?

This will help you guys plan out your week even better.

3. What you want - when you ask, you will get 😊

Sharing what you want each week (don't worry, it's predictable) will make you feel less stressed and let go of resentment. You also won't sit there hoping and wishing he'd just figure it out (he won't). He needs to HEAR what you desire.

4. I'd really like... (fill in the blank)

Our men want to be able to support us, they just don't always know how. This simple sentence will ease his stress so he can support you best.

5. Best date night

He'll know exactly what to plan each week or you can split planning duties like we do. It's all about teamwork 👫

To make this even easier and to work for you, download our free Sync Your Boo guide You and your boo are about to become closer than ever💕


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