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8 of My Favorite Products to Improve Your Mood

improve your mood balanced bombshells

From poor gut health, unbalanced hormones, high levels of stress and just life getting in the way - our moods can really suffer. While your mood is an opportunity to assess your life and make some changes to what is causing you to be so moody, I've found there are many herbs and supplements that can really help improve your mood!

(make sure you talk to your doctor before using any of these, especially if you are taking any medications, are pregnant, nursing or trying to get pregnant).

Improve Your Mood with These Products:

improve your mood with products balanced bombshells

1.Reishi Mushroom - I love this medicinal mushroom to smooth your mood and it's easily masked in smoothies. Reishi helps calm your central nervous system and I found it really helps smooth agitation from everyday stress.

I used this mushroom a lot during the first 3 months postpartum from having my kids, and actually used it in my second and third trimesters with my daughter (please talk to your doctor first).

Om Mushroom is my favorite and you can save 20% with the code BOMBSHELLS.

2. Miss Congeniality by Love Sweat Fitness - this special formulated mood boost powder tastes so good in your morning coffee or tea (I love it in my matcha in the morning!). It has herbs to help lower cortisol and boost your feel good hormones so you just overall feel happier. It also contains vitex which can help boost progesterone levels, which can be low in women who experience PMS mood swings.

3. Earthley Wellness Magnesium Lotion - I love using Earthley Wellness' magnesium lotion at night to help me sleep or on my neck whenever I feel a tension headache coming on. Magnesium does wonders for your mood by lowering cortisol (your stress hormone) and gives you a renewed sense of relaxation.

Try using this magnesium lotion on the bottoms of your feet before bed to help you sleep better or on other parts of your body that has a lot of tension. It's a game changer for sure!

Can also use on kids (I use on my 3-year-old son before his nap and bedtime to help him sleep and on my 1-year-old daughter if she has trouble sleeping (a little bit goes a long way), and makes a great gift for a mama-to-be for those pregnancy insomnia nights!

4. Self-Care Journal - herbs and supplements are a great addition to your daily routine, but you also need to make sure your mind is processing life properly. Just stuffing down our emotions without getting to the route cause as to WHY you're feeling moody won't help you in the long run.

I love using a self-care journal to make sure I stay on top of my daily habits and can journal my deepest thoughts.

Really struggling before your period with major mood swings? Trying to get pregnant and struggling? Try my quick download for 8 Steps to Naturally Increase Progesterone - I swear by these tips to help alleviate mood swings and it helped me naturally conceive both our kids!

5. Passionflower Tincture - passionflower is a great way to calm your mind and body down. I use this tincture daily at bedtime and will use a bit in water if I feel agitated before my period.

6. Holy Basil Tincture - I love a good holy basil tincture! I also use this one daily at bedtime and in the morning. It helps me relieve tension headaches and just have a calmer mood throughout the day.

7. Rae Wellness Focus Drops - this tincture is so helpful for me before my period! It contains GABA, which helps calm down brain hyperactivity, stress and fear. One of the first acupuncturists I went to see recommended it to me when I was struggling with PMDD. My mood was greatly impacted before my period and I used it for awhile to help regulate how I was feeling.

It's something I have come back to this year after having my daughter, Ellie and I was noticing more agitation when my period came back. I feel like this helps me a lot get through the day with a baby and a toddler!

8. Elix Healing Cycle Balance - Elix made me feel like I had an herbalist in my pocket! I've only done one month so far of my 3-month subscription of their Cycle Balance tincture and I am in love. It is loaded with anti-inflammatory herbs, blood builders, and mood boosters.

You just use it the week before your period, and in just one month I noticed my digestion improved, my cycle lengthened by 3 days (I struggled with a short luteal phase due to lower levels of progesterone) and my mind felt clearer.

To get started with Elix Healing, take their quiz on their website to get tailored recommendations on which products would best support your symptoms. You can also save 15% with my code BOMBSHELLS15

Any time you can balance your hormones and clear inflammation, you will naturally feel happier and experience less mood swings. These two components really get in the way of leading a happy life, and I hope these products help you in your journey!


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