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9 Ways to Prepare Your Body for Baby

how to prepare your body for baby

You may have started noticing babies EVERYWHERE! Like walking down the street, talking to friends, or scrolling through social. It may seem like everyone around you is pregnant but you (it's not true). I've got nine ways you can start preparing your body for baby.

Whether you're starting to plan a baby now or in the future, these tips can help get your body in the best shape possible for when you are ready.

About to become a newlywed, there are a few things I've been doing now, and over the past few years, that I can feel have better prepared me to take on the road to motherhood. Today, I'm sharing them with you!

Disclaimer: I have not actually tried to get pregnant and don't have an exact timeline. These are just a few ways on how I've been preparing myself for when the time is right:

1. Get off the pill

It can take your body at least one month to re-regulate after you come off the pill or IUD. So depending on your timing, you may want a few months to bring your body back into natural ovulation, which you need to conceive.

If you had many hormone symptoms prior to the pill or IUD, you may also need a few months to learn how to live in a way that keeps everything calm and balanced - which is what your cycle should be. Those symptoms are an indication your body needs your attention and hormones need to be more balanced.

2. Limit caffeine and alcohol

Both of these can disrupt the natural balance of your sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone. In an article published by The Bump, they report that "the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), a “moderate amount” of caffeine during pregnancy—defined as less than 200 milligrams per day—“does not appear to be a major contributing factor in miscarriage or preterm birth.”

And we all know to be mindful of alcohol while pregnant as it can lead to many birth defects.

Might as well make it a habit now!

3. Balance your hormones

The more you can balance your hormones now, the more your fertility will increase. A woman's body was designed to reproduce and your hormones know this. Every month you're being guided to how to bring your body into balance so you can fulfill your body's purpose, which is to carry on the human race. A woman's body was designed to have children, and the science of fertility is on your side.

Balancing your hormones and learning how to cycle sync is a great way to boost your fertility. The more you can do now, the more it'll help you when you are ready to conceive.

I created the Balanced Bombshells Lifestyle Plan as a way to help women learn their hormones from home and regulate their cycle. Sure, it improves your period and emotional health, but in doing so also increases your fertility!

Personally, my main issue with my cycle was that I wasn't ovulating correctly. Which meant my fertility was actually low. Each month my period was delayed (which is considered abnormal), which meant if I had tried to have a baby two years ago, I bet it would have been difficult.

This 8-week online course could give you the knowledge you need to improve your cycle and increase your odds of becoming a mom.

4. Add maca to your smoothie

Maca is a great adoptogen herb which means it helps take stress off your body. It's also been shown to boost testosterone levels (making you feel more in the mood) and support ovulation. It's recommended for women to use red maca and men to use black (add it to your boo's smoothie too!).

5. Get your hormones tested

With Let's Get Checked you can get your hormones tested at home! I got my ovarian reserve test done (which tells you how many viable eggs you have left) and just recently did my female hormone panel (tests your ovulation). I wanted to make sure everything is clear, and if not, I'll have time to smooth things out.

Knowledge is power - if you want to read more about the benefits of fertility tests, check out their blog here. You can also use the code BOMBSHELLS to save 15% off your order*.

6. Take a prenatal vitamin

Taking a prenatal vitamin before you get pregnant is recommended. You'll prepare your body with additional vitamins you need for pregnancy like folate, B vitamins, and calcium. When the time is right, I plan on starting this two months prior to trying.

7. Reduce stress in your life

Be honest, how stressful is your life? If you don't make space for a child, it's going to be much harder for when the baby is actually here! Use this time to re-evaluate your priorities and how a baby can be welcomed into your life.

8. Fill up on healthy fats

Eating healthy fats are necessary for ovulation. Filling up on salmon, avocado, olive and coconut oil, and seeds like flaxseed, hemp, and sesame seeds can help.

9. Start a spiritual practice

A spiritual practice can improve your mindset, lower your stress levels, and create a sense of calm in what can be a stressful time for women and their partner. These things can take time and it'll help you tune in to your higher purpose. The more you can improve your mindset, the more easily you'll navigate the body changes that come with pregnancy and the stress of having a newborn.

You may also find that if nothing is wrong with you or your partner's reproductive health, and you still aren't conceiving, you may be meant to learn something more about yourself, accomplish something first, or shift your life more in the direction you need to welcome a newborn. I truly believe everything happens for us, not to us. And if you find yourself struggling, life may actually still be working in your favor, just not on your self perceived timeline.

Kind of like having a baby, we must learn to go with the flow and let go of our timeline. Sometimes life has other plans for us and what we desire most is very well on its way. Trusting in the process and having faith within our bodies will open you more that new chapter in life.

*This post includes affiliate links with Let's Get Checked. Meaning at no cost to you, if you visit their site and make a purchase, Balanced Bombshells, LLC will make a commission.



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