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Are These 6 Trending Wellness & Beauty Brands Worth the Hype? My Honest Review

There are a lot of wellness and beauty brands out there, and with new ones popping up regularly, it can be hard to know which ones are right for you. I took a deep dive into six trending wellness and beauty brands, and I'm sharing my honest review on why you may or may not want to try them.

Are these 6 wellness and beauty brands worth the hype?

1.HUM Nutrition - Personalized Supplement Protocol

Your health needs to be individualized.

HUM Nutrition has a quiz you can take take and then provides recommendations from their team of experts and nutritionists, based on your results - which is amazing!

Looking a bit deeper at their supplements (because you don't want to just take supplements based on some output on a website), the science holds up. Each supplement comes with information about the ingredients in it (love how they're all natural and many come from food or plant sources), along with the education on why it's beneficial - which I adore!

I'm all about brands who utilize more holistic options including food, plants and herbs. And those who care about the environment. In winter 2021, they won Marie Claire's Sustainability Award for their initiative on creating 100% ocean bound plastic bottles - meaning they're recycling water bottles that would have ended up in the ocean to create their product containers.

HUM Nutrition's product lines are so well organized and each one also tells you the stats on when people typically feel or notice results. I've looked at many different supplement companies, and I have to say their website layout and information is extremely helpful.

You can also shop based on your specific symptoms like bloating, PMS, and gut health, so you can get a glimpse of their products before you buy.

Here are a few of my favorite products:

  • Daily Cleanse - for better digestion, clearer skin and less bloating

  • Moody Bird - for PMS, better mood and helping you deal with psychological and emotional stress before your period

  • Red Carpet - for better hair and nails - it includes omega 3's and omega 6 which are great for our brain and menstrual health too

Start by taking their supplement quiz here. You can also receive $10 off your first order.


2. Moon Juice - Adaptogenic Powders, Supplements & Beauty Products

I've been fan girling about Moon Juice.

Maybe it's the names of their products or the marketing and cute packaging (it's just begging for a photoshoot in soft lighting and cozy neutrals) or the ingredients loaded with adaptogens.

You're right, it's all of the above 😊

Moon Juice also offers supplements and beauty products, but it's their powders and adaptogens that first got me interested in the brand. You can shop based on what you're looking for - enhancing your energy, brain function, sex drive, clear skin, and more.

Their product pages are also nicely organized and shares more details on the ingredients, why they are beneficial, and recipe suggestions. We need more brands educating us on what is in the products we are consuming so we can make more informed decisions. And anyone who goes the extra mile to how we can incorporate these powders into our everyday life is all right in my book.

You can also shop their collagen and protein powders, which are very clean and no artificial junk. And look over their adaptogen glossary, which is a great resource to understanding different herbs and what they do for the body.

Here are a few of my favorite products:

  • Cosmic Cocoa - to calm mood, stress, and improve hair, nails and energy

  • Power Dust - adaptogens for energy, which also support your adrenal glands to smooth stress

  • Blue Beauty Protein - clean source of protein while making your smoothies or latte so pretty in blue! It contains adaptogens for stress, protein for lean muscle, and blue spirulina which is great for energy and your skin

Shop here and also receive $10 off your first order.


3. Sakara - Celebrity Go-To Meal Delivery Service, Snacks & Optimized Powders

From meal delivery and snacks to supplements and powders, it's Sakara's cacao blend that first caught my eye. Ok... and the dark chocolate bar that contains b12 😊

This celebrity go-to brand has a lot of buzz and just a quick glance at their website you can see why. You can get healthy meals in a specific program delivered to your door (major time saver). You can order healthy granola, snack bars and even chocolate, which they call "functional chocolate".

On each of their product pages, you'll also see a list of benefits. Which is extremely helpful. If you scroll further down, they do a great job explaining each of the ingredients and what it can do to support your body.

Every time I'm going to cook or buy products, I'm always looking at the ingredients and asking myself "how will this benefit me?" I want ingredients that support my metabolism, mood, energy, period, fertility - all of it.

It's clear Sakara is mindful and took extra consideration to choose ingredients that will support our wellness goals. So if you're a nerd like me and like to use food as functional medicine, you'll love exploring their website and different product offerings.

Their product lines are a bit more on the pricey side, but I say it's worth splurging to try at least once!

Here are a few of my favorite products:

  • Metabolism Super Powder - delicious cacao blend designed to boost your metabolism, curb sugar cravings and reduce bloat

  • Energy Super Bar - an elevated dark chocolate bar with hemp protein and b-12 😊

  • Digestive tea - I love a good digestive tea with or after a meal (especially before my period when digestion naturally slows down with the rise of progesterone) and this one takes it one step further with adding ingredients to also help lower inflammation.


4. Bulletproof - Coffee, Collagen, & Upgraded Supplements

Photo Credit: Bulletproof

Bulletproof first came into my life with their brain octane oil (marketed as increasing your focus) that I'd add to smoothies and sometimes to my matcha latte. They're a leader in the whole butter and fat in coffee thing.

Back when I drank coffee, I also appreciated their research on mold and toxins in coffee and the measures they take to source high quality beans, including testing for contamination. So if you're a coffee lover, you might love trying their line of coffee too!

They also have great snack bars made out of collagen (the vanilla shortbread is my absolute favorite), nondairy creamers and collagen protein powders.

My one hesitation with being full blown into Bulletproof is their heavy lean into the keto diet. They do offer education and information about the keto diet, which I don't recommend for women in their menstruating years.

Going too low carb isn't recommended for women in their reproductive years (you may enjoy reading this article about the keto diet and your period) as it can cause more irritability and hurt your fertility (whether you want kids or not, protecting your fertility actually makes you feel happier and more energetic).

Personally, I tried it for 3 months before my wedding in 2019, and it really hurt my thyroid, which lowered my progesterone, and made it hard to conceive when my husband and I started trying. I was into testing the diet because I was really curious about it, but I should have only done it for 2 weeks, not an extended period of time (happy to create more content around this if you'd like it!).

Here are a few of my favorite products to add into your healthy (non-keto) routine:

  • Glutathione - I love these supplements when I was struggling with estrogen dominance and feeling very bloated before my period. Glutathione is great for helping metabolize estrogen, targeting your liver, and is a powerful antioxidant. This article on their blog explains it in more depth.

  • Brain Octane Oil - great for your coffee, matcha lattes and smoothies (I only add about 1 tsp, and not 1 tbsp. as they recommend)

  • Collagen Protein Bars - so delicious, low in sugar, high in protein and fiber, and a quick, healthy snack on the go


5. ThriveMarket - Healthy staples delivered to your doorstep

Photo Credit: ThriveMarket

Who doesn't want healthy and delicious snacks and pantry staples shipped to your house on a steep discount? ThriveMarket is an online marketplace where you can customize your own box.

I love all the healthy snacks they have available and you can customize it based on any dietary restrictions. I was able to check off for gluten, dairy, and soy free, which many of these types of products can be harder to find.

What's their selling point? You sign up for an annual membership fee of just $5 a month and then can shop products at 30% off.

You can choose when to ship a new box to your house. It could be every month or maybe it takes you a bit to get through your snacks so you delay it every 12 weeks.

I love that you get to choose and customize your order based on your needs. This is what everyone wants - the ease of ordering, shipped directly to you and only consuming products you know are good for you.

ThriveMarket also has some of my favorite healthy brands like Primal Kitchen, NutPods and Kettle & Fire bone broth (makes delicious soups!), along with nontoxic cleaning products. You can even add rosé to your box, soooo... what's not to love?

They also have a gift certificate option, which is such a great idea for a friend overwhelmed at work, someone having a baby, or feeling under the weather.


6. Prose - Customized Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Supplements

Photo Credit: Prose

I just found Prose and took their quiz online to get a full assessment of my hair and scalp health. I've noticed it changing a bit in recent months and I loved the customization. Just ordered my first shampoo, conditioner, hair supplements and pre-shower mask!

By taking the quiz (took less than 10 minutes) and then reading my customized report, I have been so excited to try them. I love any brand that takes plants and herbs, creates a beneficial product like shampoo and conditioner and tailor it based off my needs. They even based it off of my geographic location and how hard the water is (can make it hard to cleanse your scalp), potential for sun damage and more.

The level of detail Prose has taken, has me excited before even trying them!

You can choose the scent and whether or not you upgrade with their recommended hair supplements (also tailored to your needs). After my order, they also emailed me a report based off my quiz results and explained their suggested ingredients further.

My protocol calls for CBD, fermented rice water, B5, biotin, maca root, plant collagen (protein is fantastic for strong hair and regrowth, and many shampoos don't have this!), sunflower seed extract, and more.

Your products will be customized for your needs, where you live and your hair goals. I'll keep you updated how I like their products!


Final Notes

Many of these brands offer supplements, powders, and other products to "upgrade" your health. I think it's extremely fun to try out new brands and test out new products, but I don't want you thinking you need to try ALL of these or all at once.

Your health is a journey and I recommend trying a few products that spark your interest and are in alignment with your goals.

For supplements and powders, make sure to speak with your doctor prior to trying, especially if you are taking medication, are pregnant, nursing, or trying to conceive. Some may interact with your medication or not be safe for pregnancy/breastfeeding.

*this post contains affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase using the links in this post, Balanced Bombshells, LLC may make a commission, at no cost to you.


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