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Avoid These 7 Sources That Lead to Estrogen Dominance

If you discovered your body is higher in estrogen, and suspect you're struggling with estrogen dominance, this post is for you! (even if your estrogen levels are normal, this article will still help!)

There are many things in your environment and diet that could be add to the amount of estrogen filtering your insides and disrupt the natural flow of your hormones.

When your body has too much estrogen, it exhausts your liver, creating a blockage. This congestion of the liver prohibits excess estrogen from leaving your body and is then recycled. It's then you may experience side effects like acne along your jawline, bloating around your hips, thighs, and butt, and notice a lag in your digestion and energy levels.

Many things in our environment create xenoestrogens, which act as fake estrogen. They mimic this reproductive hormone, which your body can't identify and aren't as easily eliminated. With many of the items below, you can see why your body could be experiencing such hormonal symptoms.

7 environment & food estrogen enhancers:

1. Alcohol

Alcohol increases estrogen in women, and we metabolize it at a much slower rate than men. Remember, our hormones are on a 21-35 day cycle, and men are on a 24-hour cycle. Meaning, your beau's hormones reset at the end of the day, and their body is quicker to eliminate the additional stress hormones and estrogen spike alcohol can bring. Women go through their entire monthly cycle for their hormones to reset.

Be mindful of when you're consuming alcohol (not saying you have to avoid it all together!). By tracking your cycle, you'll be more aware of when estrogen is naturally higher in your body. You can then pick and choose the times of the month where your body is more resilient than others, and limit to one or two drinks (always drink water in between to stay hydrated!).

2. Parabans

Parabans are chemicals found in cosmetics, lotions, shampoo, cleansers, and products we use on our body. These mimic estrogen and disrupt your endocrine system. You may have heard parabans being limited in products for children, but they are still wildly used for adult consumption.

Consider opting for holistic products that don't use these chemicals.

3. Dairy

Conventional dairy is used by cows who are fed growth hormones to increase their milk supply. If you're drinking milk, eating ice cream, cheese, or yogurt from these cows, you're consuming the same growth hormones they were fed. 

Choose nondairy milks like almond, coconut, and cashew instead. Many brands now use these milks to create delicious dairy-free alternatives like ice cream and yogurt. If you are going to consume dairy, organic is always best.

4. Soy

Soybeans contain phytoestrogens called isoflavones. They are a complete protein and are chemically similar to estrogen. Many vegetarians and vegans rely on soy to get their protein needs met, however, you must be mindful if you think your body is more dominant in estrogen.

When I was first testing different nondairy milks, I did try a soy coffee creamer for a bit. At first, I couldn't understand why I, all of a sudden, was breaking out! I cut the soy and my skin went back to normal 😊

5. Perfume ingredients

Perfume fragrances are added to make products smell great, including your perfume, bath salts, soaps, and deodorant.

They contain phthalates which interrupt your endocrine system and have even been linked to early puberty among girls. Look for products scented with essential oils (the label will clearly spell it out) and look for the phthalate-free stamp.

Natural products should be considered your new best friend!

6. Pesticides

Pesticides used to grow our produce can disrupt the natural balance of estrogen in women. Food nowadays aren't always grown in the most nutrient rich soil, so farmers will spray pesticides to help them grow.

If you've ever noticed the difference in size from organic produce to nonorganic, it's the pesticides helping plump up that produce. Opt for organic fruits and vegetables as much as your budget will allow.

7. Plastic water bottles

It's great you're being mindful to drink filtered water, but consuming it out of plastic water bottles means you're actually drinking some of that plastic. The plastic then mimics estrogen in your body.

Purchase glass bottles or an aluminum bottle (double check its BPA free, as this is also a synthetic estrogen), and fill them with filtered tap water.

Being mindful of what you're putting on and in your body will help balance everything out!

If you're looking to counteract the amount of estrogen in your body, cruciferous vegetables like kale, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, bok choy, and cauliflower can help! Add them to your soups, smoothies (cauliflower is practically tasteless and makes for a creamy smoothie! I freeze cauliflower rice for this purpose), and roast them for a yummy side dish.

If this post was helpful, leave a comment below!


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