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Blue Beauty Latte Recipe with Butterfly Pea Tea & Blue Spirulina

This blue beauty will make your heart swoon 😍 I love creating dairy free, coffee alternative lattes because some of us ladies are really sensitive to caffeine. Even in small doses it can stress our adrenal glands and cause stress hormones to be too high, which impacts our monthly cycle.

Today, I'm spotlighting two of my favorite superfoods and sharing a new latte recipe you can try at home! I've been loving both butterfly pea tea and blue spirulina.

Here are 10 body benefits for butterfly pea tea and blue spirulina, the main ingredients in my Blue Beauty Latte:


  • promotes circulation to your scalp for gorgeous hair⁠

  • loaded with antioxidants for your skin and nails⁠

  • reduces irritation to your respiratory organs

  • a natural diuretic to avoid excess water retention⁠ (perfect in your luteal and menstrual phases)

  • has a calming and anti-anxiety effect on the body⁠

  • often used to treat menstruation issues in women⁠

Shop butterfly pea tea here.


  • why blue? Green spirulina can taste rather earthy and ruin the flavor of your smoothies and lattes. Her blue sister has a refreshing clean taste.⁠

  • a blue-green algae that contains protein and an abundance of B vitamins for energy⁠

  • removes heavy metals & toxins⁠

  • loaded with chlorophyll, it improves digestion & promotes healthy gut bacteria⁠

Shop blue spirulina here.

You get all these benefits while you sip 🙋⁠


Blue Beauty Latte

In a blender add:⁠

Blend for 20 seconds and pour into your favorite mug. The MCT oil makes this extra frothy and indulgent!

This Blue Beauty Latte is the perfect treat as you work through your Cycle Sync Cheat Sheets & Journal Prompts.

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