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Brand New! Balanced Bombshells Amazon Shop!

Like you, I live on Amazon. Especially once COVID hit, I appreciated having anything I needed delivered right to my doorstep!

I'm excited to share something new with you - the Balanced Bombshells Amazon Shop!

I'm always asked which products I use or recommend from anything to our general women's health, bath and beauty, to smoothie must haves and kitchen gadgets, and big life milestones like trying to conceive, pregnancy, postpartum and babies.

I am a stickler with reading the labels on food and supplements, and care deeply about the products I put on my skin (and Dylan's!) or store my food in. I am that person that will spend extra time at the grocery store or researching online before making a purchase.

In the new Balanced Bombshells Amazon Shop, I curated all my favorites and recommendations into shoppable lists for you!

I hope this makes your life easier as you navigate which products to use.

All the food linked follows the Balanced Bombshells guidelines I outline inside the Lifestyle Plan and PMDD Program. And I paid careful attention to using more natural products for our skin and cooking materials so they don't disrupt our hormone function (like the cookware I use to avoid copper or Teflon and food storage).

Shop now or pick a category you'd like to dive into first:

You can also follow the shop and stay updated when I add new items 😊


A note on supplements - I linked some supplements I love for general women's health and those associated to your various goals that I felt were beneficial. Many that I use or recommend to my clients or program participants, I did not link here.

It is my job to help you find what works best for you and without having a conversation about what your wellness needs are, I didn't feel comfortable sharing. Many women over supplement on vitamins they don't need or use the wrong herbs, in the wrong quantities. We're all individual here and I don't want to provide misguided information.

It's become too easy to think "oh this is what worked for her" when it comes to supplements and I don't want to lead you blindly. Supplements and herbs are beneficial when we take what we need and in the correct dosage. I hope you understand why I won't be linking more than what is seen in the shop.


So excited for you to start shopping and hear what you like the best! Shop now.


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