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Cycle Syncing Weekly Routine: Menstrual Phase

The #1 thing to remember during your menstrual phase is to take time to rest and recharge. Your mind caves inward while you have your period and it's a time to reflect on the last month and what you'd like to accomplish in the month ahead.

Your mood might feel irritable because you're trying to keep up with business as usual, when you aren't actually meant to live this way. Your energy can take a hit here too, which is a sign you need to scale back a bit and take more rest.

Give yourself permission this week!

To help you get more out of your menstrual week, here is a quick weekly routine to add into your cycle syncing efforts:

1. Alone Time

Taking more alone time during your period will give your mind the space you need to just be and think. Far too often we push ourselves to be everything to everyone else. Your cycle has a built in rest period each and every month.

When you take more alone time here, you will become more clear on the direction of your life. If you've been stuck on what to do next, your menstrual week is the perfect time to figure it out.

Take more breaks by planning night's to yourself, taking a long walk in nature or even taking a few days off from work to take a short getaway!

2. Drink Herbal Tea & Journal

Caffeine during your period can lead to more irritability and fatigue. I've found a little in the morning is fine, but I try to be done with drinking any caffeine by 10am.

Herbal tea is a great place to start and I've linked many for you to choose from in the Balanced Bombshells Amazon Shop! My favorites are lemon balm that calms the nervous system and supports your adrenal glands, and dandelion tea that helps reduce water retention.

Because your mind is so inward, sip a cup of tea while you journal. Physically writing connects your head and heart and you may find new ideas come forward, increased clarity on your goals, and a way to work through any negative emotions that make you feel stuck.

Interested in cycle syncing and how to use your monthly cycle to improve your energy, mood and productivity? Take my free video course - Cycle Syncing Made Easy

3. Yoga

I'm all about a great workout, but our bodies are less resilient to stress during our period. Opting for a calmer workout like yoga will keep your cortisol levels low (one of your stress hormones that can impact your cycle).

With yoga, you'll release any built up tension, soothe sore muscles and unwind so you're rejuvenated for the month ahead.

4. Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salt is loaded with magnesium, which can help your entire body destress. Soaking in a warm bath with epsom salt, for just 15-20 minutes can help you naturally detox, improve digestion and give you a fantastic mood boost.

I love taking a bath before bedtime since the extra magnesium also helps you sleep!

Here is one of my favorite epsom salts to use. Once added to the bath, I also like to sprinkle in a few drops of lavender essential oil for deeper relaxation.

Your cycle is your innate gift to being a woman and using it to your advantage is a must with how much you want to accomplish. If you find your efforts stalled or you're not feeling 100%, you'll love my Moody Meltdowns to Balanced Bombshell Program!

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