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Cycle Syncing Weekly Routine: Ovulation Phase

Your ovulation phase is far more than just the ability to get pregnant. You've got energy to spare this week and your communication skills peak!

With energy to burn, you'll be able to effortlessly get after your life. Just make sure to channel this high energy with some rest so you don't burnout.

To help you get more out of your menstrual week, here is a quick weekly routine to add into your cycle syncing efforts:

1. Drink Lemon Water

Estrogen peaks this week, which is responsible for your higher energy levels. Estrogen is a stimulating hormone and is prepping your body to ovulate.

Estrogen can build up in our system and overwhelm our liver if we have too much. By drinking lemon water in the morning, you help kick start your liver to naturally detox. You may find this ritual hydrating, reduce bloat, and improves your bowel movements.

To get started, fill an 8oz. glass of water and squeeze 1/2 to 1 whole lemon juice. Stir and enjoy! I like to do the whole lemon 😊

2. High Intensity Workout

With energy to burn, tackling a higher intensity workout this week will feel good! Your body is more resilient to stress this week so you'll find you recover quicker and are energized by the workout.

I love making up my own short HIIT workouts or doing short tabata workouts on YouTube!

Interested in cycle syncing and how to use your monthly cycle to improve your energy, mood and productivity? Take my free video course - Cycle Syncing Made Easy

3. Girls Night

You're more in touch with your femininity this week and being around your girlfriends will amplify the good vibes even more! Our feminine energy helps us feel more grounded and go with the flow more.

Surrounding yourself with other women who lift you up will make you feel even more supported.

Schedule a girls night in with wine and good laughs or get dressed up for a nice dinner out!

4. Candlelight Dinner for 2

The best time of month for a romantic date is during your ovulation phase! Mother Nature designed us to procreate so while you're ovulating you'll feel more excited to be out and about. Date nights will feel the most romantic this week!

A telltale sign that you're ovulating (and an attractive quality to your mate) are your rosy cheeks. Our cheeks turn redder when we're ovulating so you can skip the blush on date night and let your skin glow 😊

Your cycle is your innate gift to being a woman and using it to your advantage is a must with how much you want to accomplish. If you find your efforts stalled or you're not feeling 100%, you'll love my Moody Meltdowns to Balanced Bombshell Program!

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