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Easy Wellness Shot That'll Improve Your Mood & Gut Health | Luteal Phase Recipe

Drinking a wellness shot a day does wonders to improve your digestion, gut health and mood. In this video, I'm sharing my favorite wellness shot recipe to use during your luteal phase that'll also help reduce bloating before your period.

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Download my Happy Gut Health Guide to further improve your mood and gut health. It includes a grocery list of foods you should be eating!


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This recipe is one of the Bombshell Shooters from my 8-week online course to naturally balance your body, heal adrenal fatigue and master cycle syncing - the Balanced Bombshells Lifestyle Plan.

If your mood has really been struggling the week before your period then my PMDD Program is right for you! It'll help you balance your mood, get rid of food cravings and bloating, and nix fatigue and that annoying brain fog.


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