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Fertility Boosting Foods for You & Your Boo

It takes two to tango! Both you and your partner should be filling up with foods that boost your fertility when trying to conceive.

I just released my new Fertility Boosting Food Guide for You & Your Boo (download for free here)!

While society focuses most of the fertility conversation on women, our efforts come down to 60% the woman and 40% the man when trying to have a baby.

Which means women AND men should be working to balance their bodies.

Also included in this new guide is a list of foods your man can be eating to support his own hormonal health including testosterone and sperm mobility/quality.

When trying to conceive both our children, I routinely ate the foods on this list, and made sure my husband did too.

He found it helpful when I made him a male fertility smoothie bowl, so I've included the recipe for you, along with a delicious one for you too.

I'm excited to hear how you like it!


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