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Monthly Cycle Series: Follicular Phase


This is going to be an amazing month!! We're diving deep into the four phases of your monthly cycle.

You'll know just what to look out for as you get to know your brain and body on a whole new level ✨🙌🤗💃

Since it's spring, it feels fitting to launch with our follicular phase, which is the 7-10 day period, right after our period ends.

I like to think of it as our spring phase, because of what foods our body needs and the reawakening we'll find.

Our brain starts waking up and we feel refreshed, energized, and super excited about the possibilities available to us in the month ahead.

What's this phase best for?


It's the best time to:

  • eat foods that leave you feeling light and fresh. Think smoothies, raw veggies, salads, and juices. 

  • try something new like a workout, networking event, or something in your business (or finally start your dream one!).

  • strategize! Put all those dreams that came forward during your period into major action.

In my follicular phase, I schedule workout classes for the month (once you're signed up and paid, you're far more likely to go!), draft blog posts and brainstorm social media content, and plan the rest of my life like outings with friends, weekend hikes, and start any travel plans. 

By strategizing and taking action this week, you'll set yourself up to flow easier throughout the month. So when you have times of the month when you need to scale back and take care of yourself, you are able to do so. All your planning and strategizing has been done, so you have more room to breathe.

Sooooo, what will you be trying out in your follicular phase this month? Sync up with your girl and leave your comment below!

Want more follicular fun? Watch this YouTube video chatting more about how to live for your spring phase!


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