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10 Resources to Help You Dive Deeper in Women's Health

As a LetsGetChecked affiliate, Balanced Bombshells, LLC may receive compensation from LetsGetChecked if you purchase products or services through the links provided.

What a fun week! Mother's Day kicked off National Women's Health Week - which is designed to help women and girls be proactive with their health.

While I believe we should always take control of our health, it is helpful to have a week designated to cultivate more awareness.

Here are some resources to help you dive deeper into your health and find more balance:

1.Get Your Hormones & Vitamin Levels Checked with LetsGetChecked

Save time and get your hormones and vitamin levels checked at home!

LetsGetChecked ships lab kits to your home, you take your own sample and mail them back in. Within just a few days you'll receive your results.

You can save 20% off your order with the code BOMBSHELL

Some helpful tests include:

  • Full Thyroid Panel - this test will help if you're trying to conceive, are postpartum, struggling with weight gain or loss, and your overall health. My T3 levels were too low during pregnancy and postpartum, and I have had to take a low dose thyroid medication. But it helped us get pregnant and have two healthy pregnancies!

  • Female Hormone Panel - this test will give you good insight into your ovulation and estrogen levels. We need to ovulate correctly in order to have a happy cycle and to get pregnant.

Watch my experience for testing my female hormone panel here.

  • Progesterone - this test is crucial if you experience mood swings, are trying to conceive, and have PMS symptoms. Progesterone helps your happy mood, maintain a healthy pregnancy and fluid balance.

Check if you might have a progesterone imbalance here.

  • Iron - this test is for you if you are experiencing a lot of fatigue, are pregnant, or even postpartum (I struggled with low iron after giving birth to Dylan and had no idea for a year!).

Check if you have low iron symptoms here.

  • Ovarian Reserve - this test will give you good insight into your egg quality and reserve, and will help with your family planning.

  • Cortisol - this test is helpful if you've noticed more weight gain in your midsection, are more stressed than usual (like you just can't calm down even when you know you shouldn't be stressed) aren't sleeping well, and suspect an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone (PMS and period problems would be more prevalent).

Check if you have high cortisol symptoms here.


2. Herbs to Promote Emotional Balance

One of the biggest concerns I hear from women is how to stabilize their mood.

Many women notice more irritability before and during their period, some notice during ovulation (when estrogen peaks and can be too stimulating), during pregnancy and of course during the postpartum journey when hormones are leveling out.

I've had my own battle with mood swings and am excited to share my favorite herbs that will chill you out!

  • Lemon Balm - designed to help with your sleep and mood, you can sip as a tea or add a tincture to water.

  • Reishi - this medicinal mushroom helps target your central nervous system and keeps you calm from the inside out. I love using this powder from OM Mushrooms in smoothies or even baked goods (you can save 20% with the code BOMBSHELLS)!

Try my Sweet Potato Buddha Brownie recipe for a fun afternoon treat!

  • Holy Basil - you might have heard of tulsi tea, and holy basil is the same thing. You can sip as a tea or use a tincture like I do. I'd often use holy basil instead of headache medicine and now use it at bedtime to help me sleep better. Or on days I feel more frazzled!

  • Passionflower - if you've ever had a sleepy tea, there's usually passionflower in it! I love using this at bedtime too to deepen sleep, especially postpartum when I've had some episodes of insomnia.

Navigating your health takes some work and I hope this guides you in the right direction to find more balance. Hormones can get confusing and includes many different layers to navigate. The lab tests shared in this post will give you great insight and I hope you love testing out some new herbs!

*this post includes affiliate links


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