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Hormone No No #3: What's Causing You Stress in the Kitchen

Part #3 of Balanced Bombshells 3 Part Hormone No No's Series

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I've read countless diet books that all claim to help you feel great. I found it was always short lived. I don't resonate with the approach to eating less fat and more carbs, which many diet books cover.


The number one cause to unbalanced hormones is mismanaged blood sugar.

Studies show that consuming less healthy fat drives up people's weight and hormonal health problems.

Here’s the kicker - even if you eat well, you can still struggle.

I certainly did.

It took my hormone balancing journey for me to realize which of my habits were causing my blood sugar to go haywire.

For example, eating too much fruit, not enough healthy fats, and drinking alcohol and caffeine without food, sent my blood sugar all over the place.

Healthy fats and proteins stabilize your blood sugar.

When your blood sugar is stable, here's what happens to your body:

1. You stop stressing about food. How often do you find yourself thinking/worrying/obsessing about food? Dreaming about your next meal? Counting down the minutes to snack time? You can use that energy to focus on other things and become more productive.

2. Your fat storing hormone goes into OFF mode. You'll be more likely to burn fat than store it.

3. You lose the love handles. Seriously, a sign you have mismanaged blood sugar is if you're carrying weight in your love handles!

4. Your period improves. When your blood sugar is stable, you produce fewer stress hormones. When you have fewer stress hormones, you experience a happier cycle.

Hormone No No #3: always pair sugar, fruit, caffeine, and alcohol with a healthy meal, snack, or at least a healthy fat.

(preworkout snack of a banana and almond butter)

One of my clients, Elizabeth, came to me because her blood sugar was nearing the diabetes range at just 25! She was committed to learn more about food and how she could stabilize her blood sugar. We went over this exact tip and she began seeing a huge difference.

She says, “I was able to alleviate my monthly symptoms and have lost over 20 lbs! I had to go out and buy new clothes (not complaining) and feel so much better knowing what food and exercise works for MY body. I wish I had started sooner!"

Elizabeth showcases just what can happen when you make small tweaks for your hormones.

This week you’ve learned three big Hormone No No’s:

  • Hormone No No #1 = avoid alcohol during your ovulation phase for less bloat, clearer skin, and a happier mood.

  • Hormone No No #2 = get lean by balancing cardio with relaxing exercises like walking and yoga.

  • Hormone No No #3: always pair sugar, caffeine, and alcohol with a healthy fat.

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