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6 Ways Cycle Syncing Changed My Life

Cycle syncing changed my life and I'm excited to tell you why!

Cycle syncing is a natural way to balance your mind and body by partnering your food, fitness, work and self care to your monthly cycle.

This is based on food you need at various parts of the month, and setting up your habits (work and fitness included!) based on how your hormones naturally fluctuate, which drives your energy and mood.

I'm a planner by nature so cycle syncing brought more peace and balance to my life! It's given me happier moods, calmer periods, higher energy, more productivity, improved relationships, and I avoid symptoms like acne, bloating, menstrual cramps, and an irregular cycle. The first month I went without PMS symptoms was when I became a true believer.

Before cycle syncing, there were always parts of the month I'd feel lousy. The more I learned how to sync my habits to my cycle, the more predictable my mood and symptoms became. I could plan more effectively and started noticing my symptoms lessening or getting rid of them completely.

If you want to dive deeper into your cycle, you'll love the Ultimate Cycle Sync Bundle!

Here are 6 ways cycle syncing has changed my life:

1. My mood and energy levels are predictable


Before cycle syncing, I didn't understand my mood or energy shifts. I didn't know there were times of the month women are meant to have lower energy and I could use it as an opportunity to relax and reflect on my life.

Your menstrual week is an opportunity to tune into how you're living your life, determine if it's working for you or not, and change direction if needed.

It's liberating!

How often do you take time to do this? I never did. Now I do it every single month.

Today, I see my period as a monthly tune up where I clean my home, say goodbye to relationships and projects that no longer serve me, and ask what areas of my life I need to take action - even if it scares me!

My mood was less than stellar before getting my period. Learning how to track my cycle helped me face this head on. It became less about "this is how I feel" and more about "what is causing you stress and what are you going to do about it?".

I loved how it provides the clarity I need to take action on something that causes me stress, instead of ignoring it. We all know that stress will bubble up later, and at the most inappropriate times!

Our bodies becomes less resilient to stress right before and during our period. I noticed my mood was worse if I didn't take time to rest. What I found was it didn't mean I had to stop doing my job, working out, and just lay around binge watching Netflix (although this is helpful). All I needed was a 10-20 minute break. 

Taking regular breaks was a lesson I needed to learn because I was always on the go!

Now that I've been cycle syncing for over three years, my mood is more balanced, my energy is higher, and if I get stressed out I know why.

2. Cycle syncing helped uncover the root cause to my symptoms 

As I was learning the phases of my cycle and how our body is meant to feel, I noticed my body didn't click into each phase the way it should. It almost felt like it was delayed by a few days.

After a few months of tracking my cycle, it became clear that it was irregular. I never picked up on it because I did get my period, it was just every 40-43 days, which is considered abnormal.

A healthy monthly cycle for women occurs every 21-35 days. 

This helped guide me to find 1. why it was happening (even my doctors didn't catch the fact I had a progesterone deficiency. All my hormone tests were "normal") and 2. what changes I needed to make to balance all my hormones. My hair had started falling out and no matter how well I ate, how much I exercised, and how much self care I did to destress, my body was still struggling. Monthly bloat and weight gain, plus my hair, was seriously lowering my self esteem.

The tricky thing about hormones is, if one is off, that means a bunch of others are also off. On the bright side, when you fix the root cause, all your hormones can balance extremely fast and stay that way! Finding your root cause is crucial to your success.

I share the exact steps to find and fix all your hormone imbalances inside the Balanced Bombshells Lifestyle Plan.

3. I eat more micronutrients


Research shows most people eat the same seven meals each week. I definitely fell into this category! I'm a super lazy cook!

What this means is I wasn't eating a wide range of different nutrients my body needed at the right times of my cycle, in particular with micronutrients.

You might have heard of macronutrients, which are our carbs, protein, and healthy fats.

Micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals we need for a healthy body and happy life.

In my cycle syncing journey, I learned the foods that were beneficial at certain parts of our cycle, and created meal plans for each phase (you can find my meal plans and delicious cycle synced recipes inside our Recipe Guide).

Each week I'd eat the nutrients my body needed and didn't have to think about a grocery list or meal prep, because I already did the work. During each new phase, I'd go to the meal plan I created and follow it. It was so much easier and I didn't waste time meal planning each week.

4. It create the best self care plan

I use to try to do all the self care things, which actually created a lot of overwhelm. It became another thing it felt like I had to do. Needless to say, I wasn't the most relaxed - even when trying to destress!

We're all creatures of habits, and for a long time, I tried to live the same way, every day, so I wouldn't have to think about it.

With my work in cycle syncing, I can see how I was actually tuning out of my body and looking for excuses not to fully pay attention. 

For example, I know I can do harder workouts in my follicular, ovulation, and luteal phases. I still do cardio in the later part of my luteal phase and menstrual, I just don't push myself if my body feels like it can't handle it. You might find me at a spin class, but I can't always match the tempo and that's ok.

I schedule more walks and yoga when I know I'm going to be more tired.

Or, in our ovulation phase, estrogen levels are higher. So I focus on detoxing as much as possible like taking an Epsom salt bath, doing a coffee enema, head to hot yoga, and sip on matcha tea which is loaded with chlorophyll (great for detoxing!). 

Cycle syncing has even helped me socially.

I use to say yes to every invite because I'd genuinely want to go and be excited about it. But a few weeks later, I might be at the time of the month where we naturally feel more introverted. I'd beat myself up for cancelling plans because I was too exhausted to socialize. Now, all I have to do before saying yes is check my cycle and I don't feel guilty if I say no. I view this as another form of self care, even if it's hanging out by myself.

Taking care of myself became my utmost priority, and I found if I didn't stick with it, I was of no good use to anyone.

5. Cycle syncing reconnected me to my higher self

Before cycle syncing, I lived too much with the masculine energy and left my feminine energy undeveloped. We all have masculine and feminine energy, but society favors the dominant, go getter, unwavering nature of the masculine.

As women we've been taught to ignore the nurturing, gentle parts of our soul, which is damaging to our health.

I had to learn to let go of what I thought I "had to do" and stop "pushing through". Living in this way only lead me to burnout and it wasn't doing any good for my mood, hormones, and happiness in life. There was a part of me that always felt I could be happier, and it was allowing my feminine energy to drive my life that really turned things around.

To explain how it felt, it was like I surrendered and gave permission to my higher self to direct my life. I view my higher self as the piece of me that just knows what decisions to make, what is right for me, and trusting in the wisdom of my body. Once I was open to it, I apologized to myself for taking so long to listen!

Today, I lead my life and run my business based on my instincts and gut reactions. How I feel about something, whether it's a business deal, taking on a client, or making a big life decision, if I don't feel good about it, I don't do it. Being happy is far too important to put up with something that doesn't feel good!

6. It saved my relationship

Lastly, and one of the most important ways cycle syncing has changed my life, is that it truly saved my relationship. After my husband, Tyler, and I moved in together (a year into dating), I could no longer hide my poor mood and hormone symptoms. 

It was damaging to our relationship, as I projected my mood swings onto him. I didn't know how to process my emotions or how to deal with my symptoms (when are we ever taught how?!).

I remember sitting in our living room one night, after we got into a fight about nothing, and vowed to make a change. I knew if we were ever going to get married and have a happy life together, I had a lot of work to do on myself. I didn't blame him, or myself. I just resigned to where I was at and knew the only way to get better was to start approaching my life differently. The next day I was at the library and found out about cycle syncing!

Today, being on the other side, it's amazing to witness our transformation as a couple. Tyler's really open to talking about our phases and tries, as much as he can, to understand my mood and energy levels as they change. He even helped me create our free Sync Your Boo Guide!! 

Tyler and I have been together for almost five years now and got married in Spring 2019! He's officially my cycle synced husband and I highly recommend every lady syncing their boo 😋

Men want to know how to support us and they can't do that if we don't know ourselves. Cycle syncing taught me how to do that and I will be forever grateful for all the ways it's changed my life.


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