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BTS: How I Made Back My Investment on a New Digital Product in Just 7 Days

*this blog post contains affiliate links with ThriveCart. Balanced Bombshells, LLC may make a commission if you purchase the software through shared links.

I wanted to take you behind-the-scenes today and share how I created my new digital product, the Ultimate Cycle Sync Bundle. Periodically, I hope to bring you more of these behind-the-scenes if they help you in your business!

During the first few years of running Balanced Bombshells, I've made money through 1:1 coaching, group programs, and creating automated courses. Once Tyler and I started discussing kids, I knew it was time to create other streams of income that would provide more automated and passive revenue for our family.

Now that Dylan is here, it's become increasingly more important to have space to step away from my business when I need to.

As I stepped back into work a few months ago, I kept seeing these sale page funnels set up for roughly $27 that would also entice you with bump up offers and additional sales pages when you're about to checkout. I was curious about testing something like it for Balanced Bombshells and I'm excited to share the process I took with you!

Here are 5 steps I took to maximize profits on a tiny sales offer:

1.Bundle existing materials

I took some of the existing Balanced Bombshells products that relate to my top content driver, which is around cycle syncing. Hands down, this is what most people ask me about and the topic other businesses want me to discuss. For your work, this may be something different, but the key here is to focus on ONE thing your audience is seeking to learn.

This took about 30 minutes to brainstorm, come up with a name, and draft out what additional steps I'd need to tackle next.

Additional steps included what the next offer would be when someone purchased the product and additional materials I would need to create for that offer. And so on with the next offer.

My plan was to have two additional sales pages linked to this one smaller offer, so in total I would have three offers.

2. Update existing materials

Some of my designed content needed a refresh. I knew I would be creating new products to go in this bundle and I wanted all the materials to have a clean and consistent look. So I updated some of my older materials like my cycle cheat sheets, Instagrammable cycle templates, and hormones 101 booklet.

This took me about 3 days to redesign everything, including the additional offer materials on the next two sale offers.

3. Create new bonus materials

Here is an ad I have up on my blog advertising the bundle and new materials:

To make the bundle more attractive, I created new materials I knew my audience had been asking for like a printable Cycle Tracker and grocery lists. These would be used as bonuses when they downloaded the bundle.

This took me about 3 days to create the new designs, including new bonus materials for the two additional sale offers (outlined below).

4. Invest in a platform to create a sales page funnel

From all of the business tools I currently use in running Balanced Bombshells, none of them had the capabilities I was looking for to upsell and create a funnel using sales pages. I needed something easy as I've tested out other platforms in the past and got frustrated with how they worked.

So I looked at which platform was used from one of the recent online purchases I made through this exact system. It was ThriveCart.

They advertise that you can make back your investment (it's $497, which I paid through my business account and can claim on my taxes) in less than 30 days. Before purchasing, I did more research on ease of use, capabilities, and other customer reviews.

Once I felt comfortable, I signed up and got to work.

It took another week to design and build out the three sales pages (I did them from scratch myself), create automated emails, and connect every offer to my membership site. I went slow and steady here because I kept editing, refining, and testing to make sure that what you signed up for, you would receive in your inbox. I wanted the customer experience to be easy and seamless, which we must create as the business owner.

I also made sure the sale pages looked great on my computer and mobile, since I was planning on running ads.

5. Test to a warm audience

To see if this system would work, I then created some teaser Instagram posts and emails to my audience. I printed the materials for the Bundle so I could shoot some Reels and take photos. I wanted my audience to see what they were getting!

Within one week of selling the new Bundle I made back my initial investment with ThriveCart!

Here's the breakdown:

  • out of the initial $27 offer, 60% bumped up their order with my Recipe Guide, found at the bottom of the sales page. This turned the sales price into not $27, but $46.

  • on the second sales page, a $37 offer that focused on helping women reduce bloating, 50% purchased.

  • and on the 3rd sales page, a $117 offer for my PMDD Program to help women with their mood, 40% purchased.

So on a $27 initial offer, I was able to make much more than that because most buyers were upgrading their purchase. Which was how I was able to make back my investment on the ThriveCart software and more in just one week!

What are the next steps now that I tested the new system to my audience?

The next step I'm taking is to run social media ads. For the most part, I've grown Balanced Bombshells organically over the past five years and have only dabbled in running ads. Now I'm ready to take business to the next level and feel more up to the challenge with ads (they're hard!).

How would this new sales funnel work when running ads?

Let's say I spend $5 a day on ads and get one sale. If the buyer just spends $27 on the offer, I make a profit of $22 on that ad. If the buyer happens to upgrade with a bump offer or buy from one or two of the additional sales pages, you can see how just one sale can increase your revenue and maximize your ad spend.

If you're interested in doing something similar in your business, I highly recommend using ThriveCart! I found it easy to use and plan on creating more offers with it in the future.

**If you purchase ThriveCart using this affiliate link (they only offer a one-time payment option at this time), I'm throwing in one free 30-minute discovery call to help you get started. There was a bit of trial and error as I learned the platform and I'd love to help you get started!


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