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How to Achieve More at Work in 2021

how to achieve more at work

Looking to have more productivity at work? What about having those big ideas just come to you with less effort?

When you set up work projects around your monthly cycle, you'll increase productivity, achieve your goals faster, and have more time for fun - guilt free.

Our monthly cycle is set up in a very specific way.

It's not just our bodies that shift - our brains do too.

This means there are certain times of the month your brain is going to be more open to reflection, strategy, communication, and tackling projects.

To get the most out of matching your work activities to your monthly cycle, take my free Hormones 101 Class!



menstrual reflection
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Our periods get a bad rep, mostly because they can be uncomfortable for women (if you're experiencing discomfort during your period, you'll really like the Balanced Bombshells Lifestyle Plan).

Our menstrual week is actually a great time for renewal and reflection.

One of the reasons we get moody and irritable during this time is because we're not taking action on our true desires.

If you notice you're feeling discontent about work projects, ask yourself if you're truly taking action on what you really want. Are you stepping out of your comfort zone? Are you saying no to things that don't serve you? Are you going after that job or partnership you really want?

If not, how can you redirect your efforts in the month ahead?

Use your period as your monthly check in point to reflect on where you are and where you want to go.

Our left and right brain hemispheres become the most aligned during our period, which means our analytical and creative sides help us tune into what we really want. If you feel discontent, tune into this!

Here are a few ways you can reflect during your period:

  • do a morning meditation.

  • carry a journal wherever you go and write down ideas when they hit.

  • take as much alone time as possible.

Your brain is naturally guiding you to be open to new ideas and it's hard to hear them when your calendar is filled with too many obligations.

This is a great time to push meetings, work from home (this may continue to be more of your reality in 2021), and take full advantage of this reflection period.

Implementing these tricks will also help you achieve happier and calmer periods!



Right after our period ends, we enter our follicular phase.

All the thoughts and aha moments you had during your period (if you took actively took space for this), your follicular phase is about strategizing how to make them happen!

You'll notice your brain is full of activity on how to create the how-tos on making those dreams a reality.

Here are a few ways to use your follicular phase:

  • sit down and map out your social media content, marketing strategy, and timelines for upcoming projects.

  • reach out to those you want to collaborate with and share your ideas.

  • talk to your boss or team about your visions and ask for their help and input. You'll succeed much faster when you ask for help and have a plan.

I like to think of this phase as my monthly strategy session. When you can spend time planning in this phase, you'll be amazed at how effortless the rest of the month feels!

If you're an aspiring women's health coach, this is a great way to map out your business activities.



ovulation phase
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If your menstrual phase is all about reflection, your ovulation phase is about being social and networking!

Nature designed our bodies to reproduce in this phase and it gives us energy in spades. You'll be more excited to attend networking events, host webinars or lectures, or plan something that brings your community together - even virtually.

Your brain is buzzing with the need to connect and your communication peaks. You'll effortlessly deliver the message you want to convey and your charming personality will shine.

Use this time to secure new clients, ask for a raise, or share your opinion in the boardroom!



Now that you know your best time for reflection, strategy, and socialization, you have one more big phase!

Our luteal phase is the best time to tackle administrative tasks, check things off our to-do list, and tie up any loose ends we might have missed from the past few weeks.

Our brains get hyper focused in the luteal phase as our right and left brain hemispheres begin to realign (if you don't feel your best during your luteal phase, you may really love my PMDD Program)

It's amazing how during your ovulation phase all you want to do is be out there and socialize, and then the next week you just want to sit and move full steam ahead in completing your projects.

As you match your work activities to your cycle, you'll notice how much easier it is to plan out the month ahead and stick to a plan. Your brain wants you to function this way and I'm so excited to hear how your productivity sky rockets!


Master your cycle even faster by becoming a member of the Balanced Bombshells Lifestyle Plan. You'll learn more ways to support your hormones and cycle sync your life!


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