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How to Blend Astrology & Cycle Syncing for Successful Relationships

Your relationships - from who is best suited for you, your communication style, internal wounds, and best times for date night or being intimate - are all written in your astrology and monthly cycle.

Nayelli, astrologer and founder of Astronatic, sat down with me to share key insights into our astrology and how certain times of the year and the alignment of the planets may not be the best time for dating or intimacy.

We walk through how to blend our astrology with cycle syncing so we can find more freedom (and love) in our personal relationships.

Nayelli offers Astro Reports - a 15-20 page personalized report (based on your natal chart) that provides information such as personality, career destiny, soul purpose, psychic ability, and more. She also offers 1 hour Astro Counselling sessions to connect life goals with information found in your natal chart.

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To smooth out your communication in your relationship, make sure to download my free Sync Your Boo Guide! It covers what to focus on during each cycle phase for the best date nights, romance, and what your changing needs will be. It'll help your partner understand you so much better!


The Bombshell Diaries is my YouTube series where I interview women inspiring us to spark deeper conversation through various topics in health, wellness, spirituality, business and more.


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