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How to do a Coffee Enema for Hormone Balance & Detox

coffee enema for hormone balance and detox
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For months I rejected it. The whole coffee enema for hormone balance, detox and lowering inflammation thing. Ok, and by "months", I mean two years!

An enema is a bit different for hormone balance because you're not eating or exercising for your hormones. You're targeting a very specific part of your body to cleanse.

There are many different kinds of enemas, but I like the coffee one the best.

Enemas have been around since the late 1800s and were made famous by the Gerson Institute in the 1950s when they were used to treat cancer patients. Since then they've been used to help fight cancer, liver dysfunction, IBS, and other digestive disorders.

An enema targets the liver and large intestine by cleaning out toxins and bacteria, relieves constipation, and lowers inflammation that might have built up in the digestive tract. It can lead to increased energy, mental clarity, better digestion, and improves overall health.

If you've got food sensitives like me, this might be something to consider trying.

A coffee enema is when you insert a special coffee liquid (not just any coffee! More in a moment) into your colon. And yes, the only way to get it to your colon is to insert it up your rectum... you can see why I was a bit nervous!

Researching it more, I realized my body did need additional support on detoxing hormones and clearing out inflammation that was becoming built up in my digestive tract. I decided to try it and am glad I did!

In my hormone balancing journey, I started using coffee enemas about once a week, and now only do it once a month (I cycle sync it to my ovulation phase!). It's helped clear out lingering hormones and reduces inflammation in my liver and digestive tract. I've noticed a heightened, calming energy, and laser-like cognitive focus.

During the enema, I swear I get a flush of new ideas! It's like you can feel all the toxins being released - which is amazing!

You might want to try this if you've had a hard time balancing your hormones, you're not clicking into each cycle phase the way you should, or if you're interested in preventative health care.

Please consult with your physician before trying, especially if you have any medical conditions, are on medications, are pregnant, breastfeeding, or want to become pregnant.



coffee enema for hormone balance
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1. Order and make coffee out of coffee beans ONLY approved for an enema. There are medical grades available for this purpose and it's made specifically without mold or toxins, which many coffee beans are. I use Thera Coffee, a ground, organic green coffee blend made by Cor-Vital.

2. Set up your enema kit in the bathroom. I use the Premium-Enema Silicone Enema Bag Kit by Profusion Health (it's nontoxic, and BPA/Phthalates free, which you always want in your plastics, since these sources can increase fake estrogen in your body) and hang it over the shower rod. You want it elevated so gravity can help the flow.

3. Once liquid is cool, strain and add to the enema bag. I test a stream of liquid by releasing the clamp to make sure it's functioning properly.

4. On a plush towel, get comfortable on the floor and put yourself in a fetal position. Lubricate the application tip with coconut oil for easy insertion.

5. Breathe!

6. Raise one leg to insert the applicator into your rectum. With the release nozzle, direct your own liquid flow. Sometimes I can only take in small amounts at a time. Go as slowly as needed until the bag is empty.

7. Aim to let the liquid do its magic for at least 15-20 minutes, unless you can't hold it any more. Then go to the bathroom!

Make sure you drink a lot of water before and after this procedure. I up my water intake and try to sip on water with electrolytes or coconut water. You're losing fluids here and want to make sure your body stays hydrated!

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