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How to Get in the Creative Workflow When You Have Brain Fog

Throughout most of pregnancy, I’ve experienced a lot of brain fog. Especially in the morning when I use to have the most clarity. For work, it’s been a big adjustment.

This year I hosted a 22 speaker online event, ran two new group programs - the PMDD Program and Women's Health Business Accelerator - while reaching my max with 1:1 coaching clients.

The need to be there for my girls and create a bunch of new content WITH brain fog was been more challenging than I ever imagined. But I did it and am now sharing how you can increase your productivity when your hormies are in a state of adjustment 🙌

1. Create a calm environment

First clean your space. I live by the notion that a cluttered space equals a cluttered mind. If there is any clutter it’s all I can think about so I tidy up before starting any work.

2. Set the mood

I have a habit of leaving a million and one tabs open on my computer (only 11 at the moment - haha). Call it organized chaos, it helps me remember what still needs to be done. But it can also be very distracting. Clean up the tabs you have open to only the ones you need that day (11 is me actually taking my own advice - yikes)

Next, put on some uplifting background music. I open YouTube and find a playlist that doesn’t have any words, just calming melodies. This helps me stay more focused on the task at hand.

3. Write out your top priorities

Having an endless to-do list will make you feel stressed and like your projects aren’t completable. I’ve gotten in the habit of writing down the top three things I need to complete that day and focus on those first.

Next I’ll write down the other projects I want to work on and assign how much time I will allocate to them. This has helped tremendously in staying focused! I’ll set the timer for that project and then move on when the timer is done.

4. Take breaks

Our mind can only realistically stay focused for up to 90 minutes. So every 90 minutes (setting a timer is a great productivity tool) take a 10-15 minute break. If I need longer, that’s when I’ll schedule a workout or lunch. This way I feel like I’m taking care of myself while also getting work done.

What’s your go to productivity tips??


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