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How to Get Started Tracking Your Monthly Cycle & Learn Your Patterns

To get started with cycle syncing, tracking your cycle is a must! You'll get to know your energy and mood patterns, know when food cravings pop up, what your hair will be like (so you can plan to actually do your hair or throw it in a bun or braid), and even changes in your sleep!

In this video, I'm teaching you how to get started tracking your cycle and how to get to know your body on a deeper level. The information you'll receive about yourself is like gold 😊

Cycle Syncing Tools

I've created all the tools you need to get started! Download your Ultimate Cycle Sync Bundle which includes your cycle phase cheat sheets, the Ultimate Cycle Tracker, grocery lists by phase & more!

Ovulation Kits

Pinpointing your ovulation will help you get more in sync. I love using the ovulation kits from Pearl Fertility which also charts your hormonal changes leading up to ovulation (good info to know). Grab a kit here and use my code BOMBSHELLS10OFF to save 10%!

Balanced Bombshells Amazon Shop

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