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How to Use Cycle Syncing to Improve Your Relationship

Here at Balanced Bombshells, we sync our men to our monthly cycle! This technique will improve your relationship - FAST.

Whether you're dating, married, divorced, or single ready to mingle, you have to know how to communicate your changing needs each month! Your mood and energy levels change throughout your cycle.

Men don't understand or get it (yet). In this video, I dive into how you can use cycle syncing to improve your relationship! It includes five conversation topics to share with your man each week.

As you shift into a new cycle phase (you've got four), you'll be able to easily articulate what you want and need (he'll love you for it). When you ask - you receive :)

This information will help you and your partner understand one another better. Your relationship will improve, you'll fight less, and you'll get back to being the amazing couple you are.

Download your free copy of my Sync Your Boo guide! It'll bring you closer than ever.


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