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How Women with Painful Periods or PMS Should Eat & Supplement with Magnesium

If you experience painful periods or PMS, eating more foods rich in magnesium and supplementing properly, can help! Personally, I've noticed a better mood, feeling less stressed and anxious before my period, and less painful periods.

If you haven't already, make sure you read about the 8 benefits of magnesium for menstruating women, which also explains why you can experience low magnesium and negative symptoms.


12 foods you can eat that are rich in magnesium:

  • pumpkin seeds

  • spinach

  • nuts like peanuts, cashews and almonds

  • black beans

  • edamame

  • dark chocolate (look for 70% or higher, I prefer at least 85% to 90% for less sugar, higher fiber and protein)

  • brown rice

  • avocado

  • bananas

  • salmon

  • yogurt

  • whole grains, including fortified cereals


The best way to supplement for menstruating women

After reading Dr. Christiane Northrup's book, Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, and following her recommendation on how menstruating women should supplement with magnesium, it's changed my life forever.

She suggests splitting your magnesium dose in the morning and evening, not just take it at night like most people do. This helps your body address daily stress throughout the day, and replenish at night to promote better sleep.

In her book, she suggests women take 400mg-800mg a day. I suggest start small and see how you feel, adding on if needed. You know if you've taken too much if your stool is too loose.

I personally feel my best when I take 350mg in the morning and another 350mg at night. We're all different here, so get to know what you need!

I've loved using Calm by Natural Vitality. And just started trying this liquid form from ReMag, which is meant to get into the cell more effectively. You can get the magnesium solo or as a two pack with an additional mineral solution (that's what I'm trying to better support my thyroid and adrenal glands).

By eating more foods high in magnesium and supplementing twice a day, my mood felt calmer, I didn't stress as much and symptoms before AND during my period improved tremendously. I hope it brings the same relief to you!

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