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I'm Pregnant with Baby #2!

After taking a few months to realign my cycle after having baby #1, I am so excited to share we are expecting our second baby!

Tracking my cycle helped me learn where I needed to dive deeper (another short luteal phase...) and retest my hormones so I could better balance my body to handle another pregnancy.


*Hormones You Need to Balance When Trying to Conceive

*Short Luteal Phase - What is it & How to Deal for Fertility & a Healthy Cycle

*How to Track Your Cycle for Fertility

*Trying to Conceive Journey with Baby #1 | When it Doesn't Happen Right Away

CYCLE SYNCING MADE EASY - learn more about your cycle and how to get started with cycle syncing in this free online course.

BALANCED BOMBSHELLS AMAZON SHOP - Shop my Amazon picks for all your healthy & trying to conceive here.

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