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Kombucha Taste Test for Fall & the Holidays

Do you ever buy more than one kombucha & throw yourself a little taste test party? I found 3 fall & holiday inspired flavors from GTS Kombucha and am trying them with you!

Every party - including the holiday season - you'll find me bringing my own kombucha and sipping it from a champagne glass. It makes you feel fancy 😊

I'm not a big drinker (alcohol messes with my blood sugar, mood, stress levels, and hormones...) so I love finding alternative ways to balance my health while treating yourself at the same time!

At the grocery store last week I found three fun fall and holiday inspired kombucha flavors and did a little taste test in case you'd like to try them too!

Kombucha contains probiotics which help improve your gut health. Hormones are made in your stomach so the more we can improve our gut health, the more you can improve your symptoms!



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