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Luteal Phase: Cardio, Good Mood Foods & Beating Body Dysmorphia

body dysmorphia & PMS

This week, I was expecting to have lower energy as I got home from traveling, but my energy has been through the roof!

When I shift into my luteal phase, I do my best to avoid caffeine.

I'll still do a cacao superfood latte in the morning, but only because it also contains magnesium, which gives my body a calming energy. I've had a history of experiencing really painful menstrual cramps, and avoiding caffeine at this time helps me so much! Caffeine can shock our reproductive system and I don't want to add stress to my sex hormones, since I'm pretty hormonally sensitive.

While I was visiting my family, I felt the dreaded serotonin dip that can happen to women in our luteal phase, which can translate into body dysmorphia.

I try my best to eat for a good mood and vamp up foods that boost serotonin (as outlined in the Balanced Bombshells Lifestyle Plan in the module, Your Body's Happy Place, page 11). This dip can lead to feelings of discontent within ourselves, others, and about our life, where we're more likely to project these ill feelings onto others.

Today, I experience this way less than I use to. So I know my food and lifestyle habits are working because I feel more confident about myself throughout the month.

When I do feel the slight dip, it feels like my real self is feeling lost. I look in the mirror and start judging myself, criticizing every little thing, and then find myself getting more critical to other people's actions. I talk myself through this by recognizing the thoughts and asking myself if it's how I truly feel.

It's typically not.

In the past, I use to end up with a few days of self loathing that I think many woman go through. This is the time where women complain about themselves to others and essentially are looking for an ego boost (you know when women are fishing for compliments!). I have found that I don't want to be that person, so I take it upon myself to find ways to feel better.

The fastest way for me to boost my feel-good hormones is through a cardio session!

So when I felt that dip last Thursday, I laced up my sneakers and went for a run. I didn't think about it or wait for some excuse not do it. I just went and did it, knowing within 10-15 minutes I'd feel like my real self.

Honestly, I hadn't run in about two months.

It's funny how your body never forgets when you're an athlete because I ran for a good 45 minutes and did a full 5 miles! I felt great during the run and my endorphin high carried me through the next day. It's amazing how beneficial this is and I looked in the mirror congratulating myself on listening to what I knew I needed.

My other to-do this week has been organizing my life.

Our brains get super focused on tasks during our luteal phase, and I always laugh when I start tidying things that never bothered me the week before. It's such a predictable thing for me now that I welcome a deep clean on my home and get excited about tackling my to-do list!

What have you noticed about your luteal phase?


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