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Monthly Cycle Series: Menstrual Phase


You know what our work is doing? Changing the way people think about a woman's emotions and her body 🙌💃

The menstrual phase is the time of month that gets the most attention. It's when you're actually having your period, which lasts for 3-7 days.


Quiet, sound energy.

Inner strength & beauty.

These are the real associations to your menstrual week and how you should be feeling 😊

It's also a period of awakening and an opportunity for renewal.

Think about it, you are quite literally releasing old blood to welcome the new! Just like you had your cleaning frenzy in your luteal phase, your body is prepared for new beginnings and

guiding you to the actions you need to take 🙌💃

Although, if you were to google "a woman's period", you will see many images that bring a negative association to this time of month. Images like a woman tearing her hair out because she's so frustrated, or another hunched over clutching her stomach because she's in so much pain.

It's certainly for good reason, since many women experience negative things like cramps, and feeling irritable, bloated, and have alllll the food cravings.

I see it differently.

Your period is your monthly report card to your overall health.

It's your check in point to witness how your food, fitness, and lifestyle habits are working for you!

Any of these symptoms are a clear indication that your body is under stress, and you need to make some changes.

And not just changes in your menstrual week.

The reason why you experience these symptoms, is because throughout the month, there is something about your habits that are not supporting you.

Inside the Balanced Bombshells Lifestyle Plan, you get access to the Cycle Sync Guide where you learn how to support your body in each of your monthly phases. You'll particularly appreciate some of the tips during your menstrual week, like how to naturally ease cramps, and how to ease stomach discomfort through food.

Our health needs to be supported all month long in order for us to feel happy and healthy.

Your period is an opportunity to tap into your quiet, inner strength, and reflect on yourself, your life, and the choices you are making each day.

Your right and left brain hemispheres are the most aligned at this time, and give you SO MUCH POWER! You'll feel the most motivated to make the changes you need! 

Feeling moody, overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed, means you are not happy with your current situation and need to start taking action on what your heart truly desires. Your body wants you to be happy, and by listening, you will actually improve your health!

I know it's hard when you may be confused about the messages or are trying to be perfect, people please, and take care of others. Your brain may silence these messages, but if they keep coming up, month after month, pay attention!

Your body is the best guide.


What is this phase best for?

  • eat warm & low-glycemic foods, with lots of healthy fats to soothe your uterus and keep your blood sugar stable.

  • sip warm tea like one of my fave's, Women's Moon Cycle by Yogi Tea.

  • take a step back and reflect on how you are living your life. Your brain wants to direct you on the actions to take. By not listening, your mood will be off and your relationships will suffer.

  • avoid caffeine and alcohol (makes your period cramps worse).

  • ask for extra hugs 💖 

  • talk to other women!!! A great excuse for a girls night in with a chick flick, new healthy dish, and some boochtails!

What do you need to say yes to, to ensure a happier and calmer period next month?


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