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My Spiritual Experience With an Energy Clearing Session

After having a baby four months ago, I have been working on GLOWING UP! Which includes clearing out old and stagnant energy so I can fully show up in this new chapter of motherhood.

It left me open to try a distance energy clearing session - for the first time - that would rebalance my mind, body, and spirit, while connecting with past, present, and future babies.

As a new mom, I noticed my energy felt tight and chaotic, especially in those early days bringing our son home from the hospital.

I've been working on finding a new balance and sense of harmony within myself, at work and my home life. Which included being open to new experiences like a distance energy clearing session!

In this video, I'm sharing:

💙 what the experience was like and how you do it from the comfort of your own home

💙 where and why my energy felt tight, which helped me focus on opening a specific chakra

💙 the shocking connection between Dylan and the baby we lost in February 2020

💙 the messages I received about future children

There are many spiritual guides you can connect with if you're interested in doing something like this too! Simply search the web or Instagram 😊

I was referred to this specific practitioner from a friend because motherhood is my wheelhouse right now. Wherever you are on your path, this may be something fun and new for you to try too!

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