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Overcoming Infertility & Creating a Platform for Others to Build Their Family | Bombshell Diaries

On today's episode of the Bombshell Diaries is Abby Mercado, CEO of Rescripted, the #1 global media platform for fertility, providing tools & resources for wherever you are on your journey to build your family.

Prior to starting Rescripted, with another IVF warrior & twin mom, Abby went through her own infertility struggle with her husband. She opens up about her journey to conceive her toddler twins and the rollercoaster experience of welcoming them into the world.

Abby's experiences lead her to create the leading platform on fertility to “rescript” the fertility industry through community, education and empowerment.

On her website you can find a private platform to connect with other women, education on miscarriage, pregnancy, IVF, medications, and a shop tab for additional fertility resources.

Her story is so powerful and I'm excited to share this episode with you!


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