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Monthly Cycle Series: Ovulation Phase


Girrrlll, you're sportin' that ovi glow 😊😉✨

The glow that comes when a woman is ovulating - aka the time of month when you can get pregnant! So if you're trying, now's the time to get busy!

A telltale sign that a woman is ovulating are her rosy, red cheeks. Blush is optional this week!

You get this beautiful, inner glow that makes you so magnetic. It's like nature's way of making you more attractive to a potential mate and more likely to reproduce.

Your ovulation phase is the 3-5 day period after your follicular phase. Your energy is high, your mood is the most stable (thanks to the rise of estrogen) and your communication skills are on point (best time to ask for that raise or secure a new client!).

Although this is a magical time of month, many women can experience quite a few symptoms, when their hormones are not balanced. With the rise of estrogen, it can lead to estrogen dominance and things like bloat, acne, and a more foul mood.

What's this phase best for?


It's the best time for:

  • endurance and stamina building workouts like HIIT, spin class, sprints, etc. Balls to the wall with all that extra energy you have!

  • socializing! You're at your most social, so get out for workout classes, date night, and any fun festivals or local events.

  • eating light foods. Think probiotic rich foods, salads, fish, quinoa, and vamp up cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cauliflower to aid excess estrogen. 

In my ovulation phase, I amp up my tough workouts, HIIT, and long runs. They make me feel amazing, as well as heading to a spin class. I balance it out with a yoga session or two, which helps ease any sore muscles.

My energy is so sky high, I also do photo shoots for work, record videos, and it's my best time to secure new clients or host a webinar. I'll also send pitches for potential collaborations and am happy to have more meetings on my calendar 😊

I make sure to give the people in my life some extra love too. It's almost like you radiate positivity, so I'll text a girlfriend, for no reason, other then to tell her how much I love her! My beau and I will do a fun new date, which strengthens our relationship (we went on a San Diego boat cruise this weekend, and are headed to Wanderlust next Saturday!).

By being social this week, you won't feel bad if you need to scale back in the weeks to come. And by balancing your estrogen levels now, you'll have a much happier period!

Learn better by having a heart-to-heart? Check out this YouTube video that goes more into detail about your ovulation phase.

How are you going to utilize this phase?? 👇


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