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Seed Cycling: What Is It & How to Use It For Hormone Balance

One of my favorite ways to balance our reproductive hormones (the ones that run your cycle) is with something called seed cycling.

Seed cycling is when you pair different kinds of seeds to which monthly phase you're in. 

The seeds are strategically used based on the nutrients we need at various parts of our cycle. The nutrients found in seeds help complement our cycle phases and balance estrogen and progesterone so we experience less hormonal symptoms.

I use this trick to help regulate my reproductive hormones, reduce PMS symptoms, clear skin, and improve my cycle.

Just like anything with hormone balancing, it can take up to three months (think three full menstrual cycles) to see and feel the difference.

How seed cycling works:

You strategically cycle flax, pumpkin, sesame, and sunflower seeds to your cycle phases.

It looks like this:

Menstrual & Follicular Phases: (think days 1-14) Consume one tbsp. of each flax and pumpkin seeds each day starting the day your period begins. Flax binds to excess estrogen and pumpkin seeds, loaded with zinc, can lower inflammation which leads to menstrual cramps.

Ovulation & Luteal: (think days 15-28) Consume one tbsp. of each sesame and sunflower seeds each day starting when you ovulate. Sesame can balance estrogen and sunflower seeds, loaded with selenium, can support the liver, which is needed for proper hormone balance.

I love adding them to smoothies, soup, salads, sauces, and even baked goods!

New to seed cycling?

You'll love the seed packs created by Funk It Wellness! Created by a dietician and women owned company, these seed packs are prepackaged for what you need in each phase of your cycle.

They're also already ground and mixed together so you can simply store them in the fridge after opening and easily switch them out as you move through your phases. Save 15% on your order with my code BOMBSHELLS.


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