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The #1 Superfood To Add To Your Smoothie That'll Make Your Breakfast Go Viral

blue majik superfood smoothie recipe

Giirrrllll, when you’re out there leading your dream business, cashing checks, and owning life, you gotta find superfoods to uplevel your smoothie.

I love smoothies, not for the trend, but because they pack your morning with nutrients your mind and body need to crush your day. Plus they are major time savers to quickly blend and sip.

One of my favorite superfoods is blue majik! If you haven’t heard of this before, you might have seen it featured in smoothies or bowls that make you instantly stop the social media scroll.

Blue majik is a kind of spirulina, or what you might know of as a sea algae. It’s loaded with vitamin B12, which you need for energy, and is a great addition to refuel after your morning workout.

This girl is the sparkly blue sister to your regular green spirulina, only it tastes way better! When mixed with almond milk, it has a subtly sweet flavor, unlike the earthy taste you might get from spirulina… which can kind of ruin the whole trying to eat healthy thing.

Blue majik also helps reduce inflammation and is loaded with antioxidants, which us ladies need for avoiding menstrual problems and having clear, glowing skin. So you’ll also be improving your cycle at the same time!

My favorite brands that carry blue majik are E3Live and Raw Nice.

Now that you’re ready to blend and inspire your audience with your new found love of superfood smoothies, try my Magical Morning Smoothie:

*2 cups almond milk *15g. vanilla plant based protein powder (you want a white powder to make the blue pop!) *½  frozen banana *1 scoop blue majik

Blend and enjoy!

If you want to make this into a smoothie bowl use one cup of milk instead of two, and add ½ cup of steamed cauliflower (you won’t taste this, I promise!) Top with even more superfoods like chia seeds, walnuts, and coconut flakes.

Craving seafoam? Add 1 cup of green spinach to change the hue of your smoothie.

Enjoy the superfood that will make your day better, faster and stronger!

*post originally shared on BossBabe


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