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12 Amazing Products to Support Your Adrenal Glands

Feeling tired yet wired at night? Or have a hard time feeling awake in the morning until later in the day? Stress bogging you down from work, life transitions and relationships?

Our adrenal glands work overtime for us and elevated stress hormones released from these tiny glands make us retain more water retention/weight in the midsection, throws off the balance of your cycle hormones increasing symptoms like mood swings, breakouts, headaches, etc. and realllyyy impacts our sleeps.

If you think you might be struggling with adrenal fatigue, check your symptoms here.

Below are my favorite products to support your adrenal glands!

I love using adaptogen herbs, medicinal mushrooms, supplements and essential oils to bring more ease to our body.

I'm currently using the magnesium oil every night during my second pregnancy and it's been helping with sleep and very tight neck/back muscles!

Top Products for Soothing Your Adrenal Glands

You'll love using magnesium powder that soothes your adrenal glands. I use a bit in the morning and evening, which supports my body throughout the day, while helping me sleep at night.

This magnesium powder can also help if you're feel constipated (many women experience this before their period when progesterone slows down our digestion). I swear by it before my period and during pregnancy!

*Note on magnesium - we're all different for how much we need, so a good way to gauge is you know you've taken too much if your stool is too loose.

This is my new favorite night time lotion! You don't need much, but rubbing some on your feet, legs, and anywhere your muscles feel tight will help relax you for a deep sleep.

There is magnesium in this lotion so using it before bedtime is best.

Getting a good night sleep is crucial for your adrenal glands as you need to sleep in order to effectively process out excess cortisol. Without it, you'll continue to feel tired, wired, and more stressed out.

Loaded with adaptogen herbs and mushrooms, this blend is targeted for your liver and adrenal gland support. I'm obsessed with schisandra (cleanses the liver so good) and am excited to use this blend when I'm done with pregnancy/nursing.

Rhodiola is a stimulating adaptogen herb, so it's best used in the morning - especially on those days you wake up groggy and have a hard time getting going. You can mix tinctures into water or a morning smoothie.

Although stimulating, it's helping calm your body at the same time.

Holy basil has a very relaxing effect, so you can use during the day if you're feeling more stressed, or around bed time.

6. Sleep Juice Tincture from Organic Olivia

This blend is formulated to calm your mind and promote deeper sleep. You can use while traveling, going through life transitions, stressful times, and any part of your cycle you feel like you don't sleep as well (our sleep often fluctuates with our hormones).

I wouldn't use this during pregnancy or nursing.

7. Chaga Mushroom Powder from Om Mushrooms*

I LOVE using medicinal mushroom powders and Om Mushrooms is my favorite brand. Chaga is more stimulating (many people use it in their coffee or morning cup of tea) and promotes more mental focus for your day ahead.

It also supports your skin and is great for detoxing the body.

*Save 20% off your Om Mushroom order with my code BOMBSHELLS

8. Cordyceps Mushroom Powder from Om Mushrooms*

Cordyceps is another stimulating mushroom - athletes often use it to increase their energy, strength and endurance. This is best taken before your morning workout.

A word of caution with cordyceps - most people tolerate this mushroom very well. I however, can't. I've tested it numerous times of the years and within an hour or so of using it, I feel very moody and irritable - almost like I'm too stimulated. So if you're easily stimulated like me, this may not be the best mushroom for you. If not, then I would absolutely try it! I really wish I could tolerate it better because it is fantastic for the body!

*Save 20% off your Om Mushroom order with my code BOMBSHELLS

9. Reishi Mushroom Powder from Om Mushrooms*

Reishi is another favorite of mine! I've been using a bit daily in the second and third trimesters of my pregnancy and plan to use it postpartum as well (it helped sooo much in the early weeks with Dylan).

Reishi helps calm your nervous system so you stay more relaxed and feeling balanced. You can use it any time of day to support your body and I've been putting some in a morning smoothie bowl. If I'm feeling more stressed that day, I'll also have some in the afternoon.

Reishi pairs really well with coffee and chocolate flavors. It's also the secret ingredient in my Inner Buddha Brownie recipe!

*Save 20% off your Om Mushroom order with my code BOMBSHELLS

Need a healthy night cap? This tea promotes sleepiness and a deeper sleep!

This essential roller with lavender is helpful any time you feel a headache coming on (roll it over the part of your head you feel the most tension), before a stressful meeting and at bedtime. The scents will instantly relax you!

12. Adrenal Recovery from Organic Olivia

Our adrenal glands often need extra support from supplements and tinctures. This adrenal recovery is a great blend to keep you feeling calm and happy all day long!

Want to dive deeper?

Register now for my Moody Meltdowns to Balanced Bombshells online course and the very first module covers your adrenal glands in more depth! I swear by addressing our cortisol levels first when balancing our mind and body, and you can feel the difference in just two weeks!

Not ready to commit to a program?

Try my cortisol workshop first complete with a cortisol crusher smoothie and video trainings to support your adrenals while lowering belly bloat/weight gain.


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