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The Best Wellness Gifts for the Mama-To-Be

Mamas-to-be always need a little pampering! And they need products to help them transition from pregnancy to the early months with newborns.

Here's what I'm loving for gift ideas for the mamas-to-be:

1.Feng Shui Mommy - this is the only book I read to prepare myself for childbirth and brought it with me to the hospital. Written by a doula, she provides calming nursery décor options, natural poses to ease pain and open your body for delivery, and so many other calming tips for expecting moms.

Pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum demand a great deal from any woman and I found having a book that mentally and spiritually grounded me, allowed the fear wash over me, not consume me. Your mama-to-be will love this book!

2. Frida Mom Postpartum Recovery Kit - childbirth is no joke. I loved the Frida Mom postpartum products and found them to be extremely helpful! The ice pack in a pad is a genius idea and I'm such a sucker for cheeky marketing (reading their packaging is fun!). Help your mama-to-be stock up on the essentials she'll need after giving birth with their recovery kit.

3. Magnesium Oil Spray - magnesium oil spray helps so many pregnancy ailments! From constipation, leg cramps, poor sleep and stress, you simply spritz a few sprays where you need it and rub it in.

For improving her sleep, tell your mama-to-be to put a few sprays on the bottom of her feet before she goes to bed. This Chinese medicine trick will help calm her and promote more chi movement throughout her entire body so she can get a good night's rest.

4. Castor Oil- forget expensive belly butters and lotion that promises to reduce or avoid stretch marks. Castor oil is all she'll need! This nourishing (and very thick) oil penetrate the belly and soothes the lining of the uterus, helping reduce inflammation and create more elasticity with the skin.

If you tell her to rub it from her rib cages down through her belly (and back hips) it'll help her give her skin more wiggle room. By targeting the rib cage, it also helps the liver and aid pregnancy constipation and bloating. I used this oil religiously during my pregnancy and didn't get one stretch mark!

Make sure she wears an old t-shirt to bed and gives about 20 minutes to set in before snoozing. It's a very thick oil that can ruin a night shirt she loves.

5. 2-Weeky Supply Diapers & Wipes Box from Babylist - if this is her first baby, she might not know yet what diaper brand she'd like to use. This 2-week supply diaper and wipe box from Babylist can help her decide!

The box includes eco-friendly options for both diapers and wipes from The Honest Company, Dyper and Coterie. It's such a great gift idea and she can avoid buying a big box of one she may never use (all babies are different and can like different diapers).

6. Carter's Baby Clothes - what new mama doesn't need a few cute baby outfits! Carter's has so many cute clothes for boys, girls, and gender neutral of all sizes. They're also having a big sale right now for 50-60% off.

Carter's is where I found most of Dylan's clothes. I loved finding options where I could dress him like a little gentleman and others that could double as gender neutral, if we happen to have a girl next.

7. Black Lace Bathrobe - although functional, the hospital robes don't make you feel put together. Help your mama-to-be feel more like herself with a new bathrobe! It can be something she lives in while nursing and coming home after giving birth.

I love this black lace one from The Gap since its dark color can hide any stains. Plus the feminine detail can make her feel good enough to welcome visitors without having to change.

8. Cozy Slippers - help her complete her new mom look with a pair of cozy slippers to go with her new robe! She'll love the soft feel of these and make her feel even more cozy with the newborn cuddles.

9. Blue Beauty Moon Juice Protein Powder - filled with protein and adaptogens to help fight stress, your mama-to-be will love anything quick and easy that will fuel her body, while lowering her stress levels.

The lack of sleep that comes with a newborn makes it hard to function. Protein will keep her energy up and the adaptogens in the Moon Juice protein powder will make her feel less frazzled (I used these adaptogens while breastfeeding, but every woman should always check with her health care provider).

The best part of this protein powder is that it's made with blue spirulina that will make her smoothies look almost too pretty to sip!

10. Cosmic Matcha from Moon Juice - matcha with a twist! This Cosmic Matcha will energize her in the morning with a subtle caffeine lift, along with adaptogens to keep her feeling cool as a cucumber. She can wrap herself in a cozy robe and slippers, while taking a few quiet moments to herself with a boosted cup of tea. She'll love you so matcha!

*this post contains affiliate links. Balanced Bombshells, LLC may receive a small commission if you purchase items through the links provided, at no additional cost to you.


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